One camera not detecting an animal while an adjacent camera does

I recently set up two cameras looking into the canyon behind my house. One is a Wyze Cam v3 and the other is a Wyze Cam Pan v3. Both have Cam+ and smart detections on.

The Cam v3 is properly detecting animals (in this case, a coyote) but the Pan v3 is not. The coyote walked right through the frame on two seperate nights and no event recording was triggered (I reviewed the footage from the MicroSD card). The Pan v3 sure thinks a bush moving in the wind is a person though…

Is there any way to resolve this? If the camera won’t trigger it’s useless to me.


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Do you have the Event Recording set on the PanV3 to save All Motion Events or just Smart Detection Events? If it is set to All Motion Events, did it upload an untagged Motion Event? What Firmware is loaded on the cam? What is the sensitivity setting? What is the sensitivity on the V3? Are you using any Detection Zone?

The Pan v3 is set to just Smart Detection (person and pet). No event was recorded at all. I only knew to look because of the event recorded on the other camera. Firmware is up to date on

Right now Track Motion is going ape on a bush moving in the wind that the camera thinks is a person…

Track motion can cause a lot of unnecessary cam movement when there is wind. It could be anything in the field of view that is being tagged a person since the AI Engine on the server does not isolate and tag any moving objects.

You would need to test and isolate between two possibilities here:

  1. Is my cam not Motion Activating at all when the coyote walks thru? Or,
  2. Is the cam motion activating, uploading, and the Wyze AI Engine missing the tag? (Can’t determine this while saving only Smart Detection Events)

The only way to determine this is to set the cam to save All Motion Events in Event Recording. You can turn off the Notifications for Other Motion Events so you aren’t bombarded with notifications. And you can also use filters in the Events tab to filter those out until you need to look at them.

If the cam isn’t uploading at all (no motion events) check to make sure your sensitivity is high enough and that there isn’t a Detection Zone exclusion blocking that area.

If the coyote walks thru, an event uploads, but doesn’t get tagged, then the angle or lighting may be affecting the AI Engine’s ability to recognize the rascal. These Motion Videos would need submitted for AI Training.

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Okay, I’ve changed the camera to record all motion events and we’ll see what happens. This camera has an infrared floodlight located above it illuminating the area but I don’t think that’s a factor because in one of the instances other lights were on and both cameras were still in color mode.

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Another night, another coyote. The Pan v3 camera set to record all motion events did not see, tag or track the coyote. It chased bugs all night though. So is this a camera problem or a backend issue?

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It may be that the cam is not motion activating or may be that there is an issue uploading to or at the server.

In the SD Card video footage, do you have the green box motion tagging enabled (setting within Event Recording).

If you do, and the green box was superimposed on the coyote, then the cam did pick up the motion and there is an issue with either the cam uploading it as a motion event or with the server receiving it.

If there is no green box motion tagging, the cam never picked up the motion at all. Check your sensitivity settings.

Another option to narrow it down is to change the SD Recording to Motion Events and see if it saves one. If it saves an SD Motion Event but doesn’t upload a Cloud Motion Event, then it is definately an issue with the Cloud Event process.

There is currently a known issue with the PanV3 randomly ceasing to record events. It was picked up in one of the Fix it Friday callouts. But, since I have not experienced it, I haven’t been following updates or progress in it. Your experience may be related to that although you are showing the updated firmware with the fix for it.

I am running firmware

I had motion tagging turned off. The camera is definitely tagging motion events but they’re all pretty much plants moving in the wind or bugs flying in front of the camera at night. Motion detection sensitivity is set to 100.

I’ve turned motion tagging on to see what happens.

So the cam is activating on motion as intended and is uploading motion events to the cloud.

Do you have Sound Event Recording on in the Event Recording?

It’s activating on motion but it keeps not detecting the animals. At all. Sound recording is turned off.

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Well, I guess the only consistent thing is inconsistency. Mr. Coyote was back again last night. The Pan v3 correctly detected him, tracked him and saved an event. The formerly reliable v3 camera however did not work properly. I can see from the saved SD card video that motion tracking identified the coyote but no event was saved. How can that happen?

If the V3 has All Motion Events enabled within the Event Recording settings, there should have been, at a minimum, an untagged event video uploaded for the V3 since the motion tagging positively verified that a motion event was detected by the cam. I can certainly understand the server AI missing the tag on a questionable “pet”, but if it registers motion, there should be no reason for an upload to have not been produced.

Confusing. :thinking:

Make sure you have cleared all your event filters in the Events tab to be sure the event in question isn’t being hidden.

Very confusing. The v3 has Smart Detection Events selected. The playback clearly has a box around the coyote. There are no event filters.

That being the case, when the server got the upload and the AI Engine failed to tag it with anything, it deleted it since the setting selected is telling it to only save those videos that have been tagged with AI Smart Detection tags.

The only way to comparatively determine if it is a cam failure to upload versus an AI Engine failure to tag is to have Event Recording save All Motion Events to the server. That way you can find the untagged motion event to verify that it did upload to the server but failed to tag it. If that is the case, then the untagged motion event with the coyote in frame should be submitted to Wyze as “pet” for AI training.

Setting changed and we’ll see what happens.

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