Older V2 and V1 Wyze Cam refreshing every 3 seconds in view mode - only in iOS


First post here and sorry if this has been discussed here.

In our family and extended family we have about 20 wyze cams; some are V1, some are older V2, and many are the V2 that is about 1 year old.

When viewing from iPhones, the older V2 and V1 is refreshing every 3 seconds but in my android phone it is fine. The newer V2 wyze cam looks fine.

It is not my internet since I have fiber optic internet and have fast internet speed.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Welcome to the Wyze community!
Make sure your app is up to date!
If it is then this might be the issue your having:

If not then try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Unfortunately all apps and firmware are updated.
The V1 stared after the last iOS update. :sob:

I deleted the app and reset the devices multiple times.

  • Are the cameras in different locations(different houses, apartments, other)?
  • How far away are the cameras from the router(s)
  • how many devices do you have on one router?

I think your questions are irrelevant since camera views were working fine before iOS app update but I will answer to my best.

Currently 3 homes. Our main home has 10 cameras, mostly viewing outside from windows. 3 our at my parents home in another state. Another is in another country (wife’s parent). All locations have fast internet.

All cameras have 3 bars. The 2 v2 cameras that has 3 second delay views are right next to the routers. The 3 v1 are also close. Again it is only the iOS app that is doing this. My android phone is fine for the affected cameras.

I have mesh router setup and it is hard to say which camera is attached to which mesh router but I guess at max 4-5 attached to one router. At parents houses one router with 3 cameras. Only camera with delay is v1. The other parent’s home has only one camera on single router.

We have 2 spare v2 cameras and these work fine on iOS even if we added these as extra cameras in our main home ( going from 10 to 12 cameras).

It is only the two earlier v2 cameras and 3 v1 cameras that we have that is showing the 3 second delays between frames.

The affected devices are iPhone 11, XR, SE (2020) - all with fastest processors. The android is a mid tier Motorola and it works great.

There seems to be an issues with the iOS app that Wyze needs to address.

Can someone from Wyze look into this?


Known issue. Really surprised no one linked this thread yet:

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I didn’t think of linking that because some of the V2s were still working properly.

Thanks… hopefully there is an update soon.