Old price still in app, but not honored

The old price of $4.99/month for home monitoring is still showing on the account tab through the wyze app. I didn’t know it was an old price, so I contacted customer service asking what I was doing wrong because I didn’t see that option when signing up.

They politely told me that it was an old price from a month ago and they wouldn’t honor it. I’m really disappointed they handled this mistake like that.

Welcome to the forum! Sorry about your issue, if you signed up before the price changed then the original price will be honored. If you signed up after, the higher price will apply.

Imagine going to a store and seeing a price tag on an item and then getting to the register and being told that’s not the price. Then being told, “if you had come in a month ago, you could have gotten it for the advertised price!”

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That is fairly common at stores, and still super frustrating! It’s a lot like those price mistakes that you’ll find on slickdeals.net, etc. The order ends up being cancelled, because the advertised price wasn’t really the price!

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They had to raise the price to cover higher operating costs for new features, and rather than charging everyone more because that would be really dumb of them, they are honoring the original price. If there’s an issue and you think you should have access to the original price, you need to work that out with support.

If the price is listed diffrently than what it says, then thats an issue that needs to be fixed.

I tried, unfortunately they told me they wouldn’t honor it. Not even a “thanks for bringing this to our attention”

I definitely understand the reasoning on raising the price. I’m not sure specifically about wyze, but I know most of those companies sub contract the monitoring service out to other dedicated monitoring centers.

I just feel like they could of handled it a bit better.