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I bought the monitoring starter kit which came with 6 months service included through August. With your rates increasing in April I’d like lock in the $5/month rate but how do I do that if you don’t have my payment info?

Milton, welcome to the user forums community.

Just to let you know, this is a community of users helping users. Wyze accounting and customer support won’t be found here.

I have the HMS and can help you with questions you have about the hardware or app functions, but only customer support can help you with asking for a license extension. I am not confident you could extend it on your account page on the website either.

I suggest you contact them directly by phone:


(206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site .
Open for support between 4 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4 pm PT Saturday.

Good luck.


Thank you for the reply and phone number - I searched their support site and couldn’t find it!!

They have a support site???

Sarcasm aside, Yes. Very limited usefulness. But if it were any better would we really need this user forum to do all those Tech Support for free?

Hope you get what you need! Be safe and well!

Hmm, I wondered the same thing :thinking:

After being on hold for a very long time I was finally able to speak with a rep and learned that you can go to their Services site found here services.wyze.com to update billing info. - I was previously logging in through their main site but couldn’t access the billing info. And yes, I’m locked in for the $5/month rate :slight_smile:

Thanks again @SlabSlayer for pointing me in the right direction!

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Awesome! Now I know where to send people to take care of that rather than waiting on the phone! Great info!

I am bookmarking your post to share with others if the need arises.

Here is the contact us page which mentions their phone number…

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I recently contacted customer support to inquire how to prepay for another year at the current $5/mo. My current subscription expires in June or July and would like to lock in the lower rate for another year. I was told that this is NOT possible, direct quote: “Regarding your concern, I apologize but we have no option to pay ahead of the renewal date, please note that subscriptions are auto-renew.” This seems like a ridiculous policy as they get my money ahead of time and get a happy customer for another year. So if you’re subscription expires in April you can get the $5.00/month now for an entire year but if it expires later, Sorry you’re out of luck, and have to pay almost 100% more to extend your subscription. This doesn’t seem to be a good business model for the faithful customer that took a chance on purchasing from an almost unknown company a few years ago. And I’ve purchased a few different products but now may reconsider any future purchases.

If you auto renew, it auto renews at the locked in rate for your license. Current subscribers keep the rate they have. That is why the email sent out about the rate increase encouraged users to sign up for new service now… So they could also lock in the current rate.

Price change is coming to Wyze Home Monitoring

Shop Now500x167
On April 6th, the monthly cost for Wyze Home Monitoring will be changing from its current highway-robbery-good $4.99/month to a mere insanely good $9.99/month.

This price increase will help us cover rising costs, make the service more sustainable, and allow us to continue adding new features. Don’t let that stop you from using the next six days to lock in at a price that doesn’t cover rising costs, is completely unsustainable, and in no way supports the costs of new features.
Lock in the Current Price

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I just found this on Customer Support:

Why are some customers paying $4.99 a month and I’m paying $9.99?

Tanvi (Customer Support answers)

March 03, 2022 17:20

$4.99 a month was our introductory Home Monitoring subscription price.

We recently upgraded our pricing plans so we can continue to add more features to Wyze Home Monitoring.

As of April 6th, our rates are $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year ($8.33 monthly).

Our subscription rates are still below most of our competitor’s rates for professional home security.

### Please note:: Existing users will continue their subscription at a price of $4.99 per month upon renewal.

So I guess customer service didn’t answer my question correctly. And all of us that are currently paying $5/mo will continue to pay this. I am sorry to think badly of Wyze . Thank you Wyze


The CS agent didn’t answer your question completely. To be expected of a stellar support department.

Correct in saying you can’t prepay… But didn’t offer the rest of the story.

Congratulations :tada: you are already locked in!

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I and others made the assumption that this would apply to us when we received this email notification of the price increase. This notification is not clear that that the price is “locked” in for us when we renew but only that those that subscribe now will be locked in for a year at the $5/mo rate. And customer service didn’t make it clear in her response to my inquire. But I’m happy to now be locked in at the $5/mo rate.

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WHAT? Wyze communication streams being unclear, vague, misleading, or incomplete???

Say it isn’t so Bruce!

My head just exploded :exploding_head: with that notion.

All joking aside, spot on. I have come to expect that from Wyze and have learned to wade into the weeds early to get a better perspective.