Don't buy wyze

Don’t buy wyze
I had wyze home monitoring system that I wanted reduced to the monthly plan instead of annual. When I called wyze they said I had to cancel and then resign. Now they won’t give me the price I was under contract for. Here is the email from them stating because I was an early wyze home monitoring customer my price was locked in at 4.99 a month.

I had it since April of last year and a rep from wyze advised me that the only way for me to do monthly instead of annual was to cancel the plan and then preceded to tell me I had to resign with the new billing plan

I think I see the confusion. Your price was locked in under the annual plan as a current customer prior to the price hike on 4/6 which could sound like they were saying you could expect them to honor the $4.99 / mo provided you are not a NEW customer.

However, Wyze’s meaning of NEW CUSTOMER appears to be a new or additional sign up after the cutoff date regardless of when you signed up originally. If so, I see how the wording of their message could seem misleading.

I would CALL them to argue your case with a live agent from that standpoint, My experience with chat and email is that the responses seemed canned and/or unhelpful to my particular situation. (Sorry. I don’t mean to seem like I’m shouting. I’m emphasizing. :v:t3:)

Wyze - (206) 339-9646

Good luck!

This was all done through a few phone calls to 2 reps one named eevan Rey and one named Elizabeth. Mr Rey is the one that canceled my account and Elizabeth was a supervisor. They both screwed me over.

Oh scheisse. I’m sorry.

Have you ever called a customer service line anywhere and gotten different answers each time you called? I have. Often. That taught me that if I don’t like an answer, try again, because a different agent might provide a different answer or solution.

I just canceled all my wyze services I pay for I’m done with the wyze company

eyes up

Perhaps, you’ll be happier elsewhere. In that case, it’s a “wyn wyn” #trademark


Way to kick a guy when he’s down.