Advertising what I already have

Anyone else getting advertising for Home monitoring even though they are already subscribers? Here’s today’s:

"We’re updating Wyze Home Monitoring subscription pricing and adding new features.*

*Don’*t know who to contact to stop this.

So, am I the only one with this problem?

I received it too and am already a subscriber. As a current subscriber, what I got out of the message:

  • Even though HMS price is increasing, I’m locked in at old/current price.
  • Leak and Climate sensor monitoring will be added. There is nothing I need to do.
  • Sprinkler Plus will be added. There is nothing I need to do. I don’t even have a Sprinkler Controller.
  • Person Detection is being added to any cams I own that don’t have a subscription. There is nothing I need to do.

There is an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.


Wyze Leak Sensor senses a problem.560x187
Hi friends,

Thank you so much for being one of our earliest Wyze Home Monitoring users. Your feedback has allowed us to add much-needed features and map the future of home security at Wyze.

As an early Wyze Home Monitoring customer, your price is locked in at $4.99/month. Though your price will not change, beginning April 6th, we are raising the price of Wyze Home Monitoring for future customers. New customers that sign up after April 6th will pay $9.99 monthly, or $99.99 annually. This price increase will help us cover rising costs, make the service more sustainable, and allow us to continue adding new features.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Wyze Home Monitoring Going Forward

Monitored Leak and Climate Sensors

Thanks to your feedback asking for additional homeowner’s insurance savings, we’re adding professional monitoring to Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors. If a leak is detected or the Climate Sensor senses freezing temperatures, the agent at the monitoring center will send an SMS and call either you, or those that you’ve shared the service with. The Hub will also play a reminder sound. This new functionality will be added to your Monitoring Certificate to share with your insurance company.

Sprinkler Plus is Included with Your Home Monitoring Service

Experts estimate about 50% of water used for irrigation is wasted. Sprinkler Plus works with Wyze Sprinkler Controller and leverages a suite of smart weather-based features to keep your yard green more efficiently. Its WaterSense EPA certification means users have seen an average savings of 20% on their water bills.

Person Detection for All Security Cameras

As a Home Monitoring subscriber, aside from the $15-value bonus Cam Plus license, your Wyze Cams added to Wyze Home Monitoring have access to Person Detection and 12-second cloud-based recording. We’ll turn on* these two features for all of your Security Cameras automatically.
*This can take up to 24 hours to be enabled.
Our promise has always been to deliver great products at the lowest possible price. We’re confident these changes will allow us to create a too good to be true experience that fits the needs of even more Wyze users.

  • Your friends at Wyze

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Leak and Climate Professional Monitoring work?

Customers who have Leak or Climate sensors can choose which ones to enable with professional monitoring. Once selected, if the Leak Sensor detects a leak or the Climate Sensor detects freezing temperatures (32ºF), the system will play a warning sound; in the meantime, the agent at the monitoring center will send an SMS and call the user to alert them to the event and share a list of local plumbers to help. The Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors are sold separately.

How does Sprinkler Plus work?

Sprinkler Plus brings hyper-local weather data to Wyze Sprinkler, enabling a completely hands-free experience. It looks at past and upcoming weather conditions to determine when to water, keeping your yard greener.

Will I need to purchase new Wyze Home Monitoring equipment?

Your current equipment is scalable. That means that we won’t be replacing the hardware and all of these new features and more will be added through software updates.

How do I start using Monitored Sensors?

Once this feature is live, we’ll send you a notification with instructions on how to enable it.

How do I start using Sprinkler Plus?

It will automatically be added to your Wyze account on April 6th.

I’d like to share some ideas and feedback.

As a Wyze Home Monitoring customer, you have access to a monthly survey where you can share any ideas or concerns you have about Wyze Home Monitoring and help guide the future of the product. You can access it through the Wyze app > Monitoring tab > Home Monitoring Settings > Make Your Voice Heard.


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Still can’t believe they charge for a sprinkler weather feed though.

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Day-to-day efforts on most anything seem to require a fee nowadays.

Yes but (a) this kind of traffic is exceedingly low volume, (b) Wyze provides much more costly services to its camera owners for free, and (c) their major “big boy” competitor includes the service for free. Ah well, business is business.