Bonus Sprinkler Plus email

I just received an email invoice for $0.00 thanking me for my subscription to Sprinkler Plus via Home Monitoring. Is this an added service for subscribing to home monitoring? I did not request it as I don’t have any need for a sprinkler service so am a bit confused by this. I want the home monitoring but don’t need the sprinkler plus. Invoice says it’s for a year of service.


Just got the same email. Seems like some sort of error on Wyze end. Hopefully an admin or someone knows what that’s all about. @WyzeGwendolyn ???

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Got the email too and wondered the same.

Apparently since they raised the price on Home Monitoring to $9.99 a month or $99 a year, they added in a "free subscription to both the sprinkler plus and a cam plus license, I don’t need the sprinkler service and I don’t need the extra cam plus license. Their response to me said “neither of these add on subscriptions can be deleted.”

Well as long as we don’t get charged thats fine with me.

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Received the same. They probably want to show an increase in subscribers to these services, so they added them into another service and can increase the counts on some of their investor reports.

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Ya, me too. What’s going on lol? I thought Wyze or I got hacked or it is a spam email.

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Wyze sent out an email on March 1st about the changes to the HMS subscription, including price increase for new subscribers (renewing/continuing subscribers would be grandfathered into the cheaper rate), and that Sprinkler Plus is now included as part of HMS.

It is okay if you don’t have a Sprinkler Controller, just as you still have the opportunity to have the “environment” section in the HMS if you do have climate or leak sensors, but it’s fine if you don’t have Leak sensors or Climate sensors. And how a cam plus license is free with HMS whether you have a cam or not. Same thing now goes for Sprinkler Plus, it’s just a part of HMS whether you have it or use it or not.

For those wondering what Sprinkler Plus is, the email says:

I do have a Sprinkler controller and am very happy this is now included with the HMS. :slight_smile: I got the email it activated yesterday. It’s only normally like $10/yr otherwise, but still nice it’s included now.


Thanks for clarifying. It was confusing. Now I have the Sprinkler Service but no Sprinklers lol.

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All part of their master plan to keep you guessing and confused as to what the services are, which ones you have, which ones cost you money, and which devices are tied to which. Come back in six months to get confused all over again. :slight_smile: