Old iPad 2 (iOS 9.3.5) can't log in on Wyze app

We wanted to use our ancient iPad2 to view Wyze app (V3s, scale, …) but find that we can not log in to the app on that device now. We get “login error, problem connecting to server”.

I think it may be due to my having moved the old tablet to a new secondary AppleID, which is thus not the registered “purchaser” of the old Wyze app. The current Wyze app will not run in the old operating system. And I foolishly deleted the Wyze app, thinking I could restore it.

On a second old iPad2, same thing.

Any suggestions from the Wyze-Apple folks out there?

OH – apparently I never posted. And today I seem to see lots of related posts, going back a couple years, that maybe the old iPad2 is just out of luck …

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Unfortunately, the Wyze app requires iOS/iPadOS version 14 minimum.

Reference: An important update regarding the Wyze app - 7/17/2023


@Seapup – thank you for that info, I missed the memo!
Fewer and fewer applications for the nice little screened devices …

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Somewhat disappointed here too, but becoming numb to tech obsolescence as time passes. :pensive: I have old iPhones, iPads and Android devices that still work well but are no longer supported by manufacturers, operating systems and applications. :cry:


This won’t work with the older Wyze App, but you may be able to get other Apps to work on your older IOS device. Check out this link.

How to get apps for old iPhones and iPads | AppleInsider.