iPad 2 mini’s will not connect to Wyze cam “problem connecting to server”

I have two iPad 2 mini’s with ios version 12.5.7 Will not connect to Wyze cam with, login error, “problem connecting to server”. My iPhone and several other devices work fine. Tried resetting both camera and app with no results also tried 2.4g wifi.

Maybe it is the ancient iOS you have. Does your phone still have iOS 12 and work with the current WYZE app?
The V3 requires iOS 14 and above.

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Both iPad 2’s software’s are up-to-date with iOS 12.5.7
When I deleted and re-download the app I was given the option to download an older version which still doesn’t work on either iPad 2’s.

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The heading of you post says cam-V3.
The V3 needs iOS 14 or above as stated in my first post. I am not going to look but probably all the cams need iOS 14 or above to work .

Same with me on my Ipad Air software version 12.5.7 It was working fine till recently I guess, my Android phone has no issue connecting. I like the Ipad’s larger screen in my office but can’t get it to connect no matter what I do.


Important: Update your Wyze app ASAP - 6/7/23



June 07, 2023 13:47

Update your Wyze app to 2.38 or newer to continue using your devices!

Here at Wyze, we take your security to heart and as technology advances, we need to ensure that our offerings are staying up with the times. In order to keep our commitment to protecting our users’ security, we wanted to inform you of some changes to the Wyze app.

As of 6/7/23, you will have 30 days before you will no longer be able to utilize your Wyze app if it is not updated beyond 2.38 for both Android and iOS devices.

The iOS app has been updated at least 15 or more times since June of 2023. Some of those updates are also required to update firmware on various devices.
Apple devices that show current iOS as 12.5.7 can not be updated to a higher iOS.

Get the crowbar out, pry open your wallet and get an iPad/iPhone that is 4 years old or younger. Both of my apple devices are almost 4 years old, and they both have iOS 17.4 on them and still work great with everything including all of my WYZE Cams. I have V3 cams, one V3 Pro cam and they both require iOS 14 or above. I don’t know if my old version one battery powered WCO require any certain iOS version but after 3.5 years they also still work.

I am running 6 OLD Wyze V2 cameras in my establishment and use Bluestacks emulator on Windows which is exactly what I need. Thanks but I don’t need any more devices just so I can watch Wyze on an Apple ipad LOL. Simply responded that my 12.5.7 IOS does not work either with the same error message.

Ahh that’s why they stopped working with the app, My ipad 2 was left behind. Strange that I was able to download an older version of the app but it still won’t work. I also have version 2 cam my ipad can’t get to. I can’t afford another newer (can’t afford new) version as it will be outdated after as well.
Ok thanks for your time