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We have been using an older iPad as our home control unit for a while. We had to download an older version of Wyze app, can’t find version. All running fine until last couple of weeks. Just stopped working. Trying to log back in, and we get: Login Error - Problem connecting to server, please try again.
Server it is trying to hit is
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iPad is old mini 2 running iOS 12.5.7
I assumed something with our network but have robust visibility and seeing packets go out only to have server close connection.

As of July 20th, 2023 you will need to have updated your Wyze app beyond version 2.38 (Android and iOS devices) to be able to keep utilizing features as normal. Bottom line…now is the time to update your Wyze app."


Yes, Wyze is being forced more and more by circumstances to drop all older app support.


Yep, Wyze increased their API security recently and that caused old apps to no longer work (since they use the old authentication system).

I’m not sure there’s much you can do if you’re not able to update your IOS version.

You may want to look into a cheap android tablet. You can get some very cheap ones which should be sufficient for the Wyze app. Just make sure they support the Wyze app. I think some OSs don’t support it.


iPad Mini 2 can’t be updated past iOS 12.5.7 due to A7 chip limitations. The Wyze app requires iOS/iPadOS 14+. We have a wishlist topic requesting Wyze app support for older iOS versions, but Wyze is very unlikely to implement due to security constraints:

Request for App backward compatibility with earlier iOS versions

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Actually, mobile app developers have little choice anymore (even less there than they used to have):

Apps are built with certain uses involved that can cause the minimum supported OS version to increase.

App stores like on Google Play Store for Android have an ever increasing target that all apps that receive changes must use and that and the above will eventually cause the minimum OS to increase. (Should probably add that Apple causes stuff to happen too and apps must increase minimum from it.)

The devices themselves, once they can no longer get certain pieces updated like their app stores (services or other things that apps use which goes with the top one above as well) stop supporting them. Eventually everything stops being compatible with it.

App developers can’t support well old enough devices due to various factors. There are probably and most likely cases with Wyze app where they can’t do anything at all in their power.

Your only real choice is to toss the device or regulate it to something else that still works and buy something newly released with plenty of support. That is life today.

I’m a mobile app developer and understand that in a way many don’t around here.


“What To Do With an Old iPad? 9 Clever Ways To Reuse It”


Weird that my 10 year old Galaxy S7 seems to be able to run the app fine but my Ipad mini2 wont. I think they need to add some backwards compatibility!! Security constraints? Add a disclaimer when people log in!! Problem solved!!