OG zoom won’t connect

Had a OG zoom for about 4 days and it was working fine. That is until I tried to put a memory card in it - now it is basically bricked. Won’t show red light when trying to connect and fails to do anything. Even taking the card out leaves it bricked. Tried numerous times to add new camera and it does nothing. Tried removing power and removing card. Nothing. Not a good beginning

I haven’t read of an SD Card bricking a Cam. Did you recently do a Firmware update?

Have you tried to do a Factory Reset on the cam? Pull the card, hold down on the setup for 10s or so until the cam starts to cycle then release it. When it comes back around, the light should blink. Tap the setup and see if it gives you a “Ready to Connect”. No need to delete it from the App, just do another Setup install.

I have tried everything - power down, unplug from power, clear cache in app, It was working fine for 4 days and then I tried to install memory card and it immediately stopped showing red light - would not connect - failed to pair and now is doing nothing. Am talking to support right now.

My OG cameras have SD Cards in them, they should not brick the camea.

What type of Card do you have in the camera and what Size?

Have you tried Factory Resetting the Camera?


You don’t need to remove the camera from your App for this to work, you can if you would like though.

I am using Sandisk cards. Use them in all 7 of my cameras. I tried a new 256 Ultra and then a 128 ultra. Neither would be acknowledged with camera not responding to anything.

Wyze sent me a new camera and I just set it up with card installed and it says can’t format I think it said. So I took card out and am formatting on computer with exfat. Doing a full format as I have found these cameras are prone to errors if I do a quick format.

This replacement camera would not connect to my extender saying network encryption not supported. This is the extender I have 7 other V3 cams on. But it easily connected to my main network. Problem is this camera will have hardly any signal on main network where it will be used. That’s why I use an extender.

To top off an already good day the screw in base of the new camera is cracked where it swivels. Not a good start for using this OG camera.