OG Camera 'Album' on Android app show all folders grayed out

I just purchased 2 OG cameras to add to my collection of 10 V3’s. The OG has a 32Gb card that formatted correctly and shows 0.9G used and 29.7G available. When in the Android app with the OG selected and Live, if I click on Album all 3 folders (Photos, Videos, Timelapse) are grayed out. This camera is in my CamPlus selections. My other CamPlus cameras are all straight up V3. In those in Album they show a Videos and Photos folder with plenty of content.

With the OG if I select ‘Take Photo’ it saves to ‘my device’ which is my phone. If I ‘Take Photo’ with my V3’s it says it saved it to ‘Album’, which is what I want this to do.

Is there a setting I’m missing to allow my new OG to store photos and video on the SDcard and view them on my phone?

Thanks in advance.

What happens when you click on the grayed out boxes then? Mine are all greyed out but i can still click them and am brought to my phones gallery where say my photos are kept, and time lapses are stored.

Ah… okay, I don’t need to click on any of those with my V3 cameras. Sheez. An extra step. Thanks for waking me up. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to steal my own thread, but I just noticedd the items displayed in Albums are saved to my ‘device’, i.e my phone in the same folder as the pictures I take with my phone’s camera. It used to be the Android app saved them to a folder on my Samsung phone called ‘manual’ if I pressed ‘take photo’. Is there a way to change that? I’ve dug in and don’t see that, but hey … I missed the new method of the OG camera showing pictures too. :frowning:

No way of changing that. Each cam has a designated file path set in the firmware to save snapshot photos, videos, and downloaded Timelapse video to the “Default Gallery” on the phone.

The OG firmware is designated to save them directly to the DCIM Folder. The V3 Firmware places them within a folder file path to DCIM>Wyze>Cam V3. As it turns out, the V3Pro and PanV3 also save to the exact same Cam V3 file path… Go figure. I guess this was low priority when they proofed the firmware.

I purchased these OG cameras because they were advertised as providing quicker notifications. I have side by side tested one of the new OG and one of my straight up V3s. There is no perceptible difference in notification time. The OG does have a little more clarity in the view but that is not what I was going for. And the OG’s firmware putting my captures in a different place on my Samsung S23 Ultra is not going to work.

I purchased these directly from the Wyze store and I’m going to ask for a return on them today. Sadly…