OG will not record to SD card

Camera will not record to SD card. I have formatted the card, killed the app restarted the camera and it sees the card. Swapped twice and they both work in my v3’s just fine. What am I doing wrong.

What are your micro SD card recording settings? Are you seeing any error messages? Can you post a recent shots of what your seeing? Maybe fresh eyes will help see something a miss.


No error messages but if I try to format the SD card from the camera settings it fails.

Have you formatted the card in a computer? It doesn’t look like the card is working in the camera for some reason, based on the fail comment and this:

What size card? Brand?

SD card was formatted in my laptop and works in the v3’s just fine. I’m using SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 256GB cards in all my cameras.

ANY card that is NOT branded with “high endurance” is gonna fail and frustrate the user. So, go ahead and buy a “high endurance” card.

If that camera still has a problem, then, you still need that card in one of yer other cams cmon.

I had the same issue on Samsung 32g card on cam OG. App showed 0/0. Format via app failed. Below are the steps I took to make it work. 1. Format SD card with SD card formatter ( use the 2nd option i.e. not quick format). It took 10 mins to format 32g. 2. Eject the SD card by right clicking and select eject card and then remove card from PC. 3. Power down the camera. 4. Insert the card in camera. 5. Start the camera. In my case it took 2 retries and now sd card working fine on OG.

Long story short. Tolerances in the camera body require an SD card that is relatively thick in comparison to the standard card. Installing a camera branded card instead of the leading brand I use elsewhere worked immediately. The camera works correctly with the branded card (Wyze).