Official Word on Sense?

I understand Wyze wanting to get rid of all of the V1 sense products. They can make more money and a guaranteed income for the most part with the V2 line. But what is total BS is how this latest update has completely made all of my sensors obsolete. I’m not gonna go spend a hundred dollars to get all new sensors and then also pay for monthly monitoring. I don’t need monitoring that’s why I have the [Mod Edit] sensors. When I get an alert on my phone I’ll look at it if somebody’s in my house I deal with it. I called the tech-support today and was told basically to [Mod Edit] off. I’ve now turned my life‘s mission of getting as many of my friends and family to buy these products and now instead and making sure everybody I know does not buy these products. As a general customer you shouldn’t be treated this way and if you’re going to have an update make An entire line of products obsolete you should tell people first. And also not force them to do the update. Jesus what company is this? Apple? Having done surveillance for years and Being incredibly satisfied with their initial products, this company has taken a complete [Mod Edit] in the last year.

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