Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

Wow. Just saw in another post that V1 is no longer supported??? :disappointed:

What is the EOL on V2? I still have 4 of them?

Bye Bye V1

Wyze said the V1 has reached eol months ago (end of January) but said they would continue to work. They even made a big announcement that the V1 would be included in cam plus lite. However 2 months later V1s starting dying because after rebooting (power loss or other reason) they can no longer connect to the wyze server. Wyze has never officially acknowledged this problem but WyzeJasonJ does post in this thread and says they are working on it.

It has been over 2 months and the progress is - wait for it - zero! Just be warned what will happen to your V2s - when, no one knows. But at this point I trust wyze very little.


He does speak for Wyze now (unlike his previous identity) so it’s a fairly official acknowledgement…


All three of my original v1 cams have now bitten the dust. The last working one just went down after a brown out a couple nights ago. I’m not hopeful for a fix at this point, but fwiw the MAC address is 94513D13C248.


I am on the “V1 cameras not working” after power loss or reboot. I have 5 V1s and only one is currently working.

I get the “connection failed” error.

I have 5 other versions of the cameras and they are working. I do not want to buy FIVE NEW cameras at this time.

I am patiently waiting for a fix. But I am disappointed and frustrated.

I hope there are answers soon. It seems like such a waste to have 4 cameras that don’t work.


After I opened a case with support they offered a $15 gift certificate for my 3 broken cameras.



No help here, but I like your handle! :slight_smile:

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This is not a solution… This is simply buying new cameras and keeping you in the wyze eco system.


To the thread. How long would you say a ‘reasonable expectation of support’ on a low cost electronic product should be?

No less than x years?

To start, the one year free replacement guarantee was pretty generous, I thought. I had two or three cams replaced in-warranty after exhausting formal support attempts to fix.

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Honestly I would be fine if they just communicated the V1’s are no longer supported but here is coupon for $5 off new camera for each of your old V1’s, The problem is you need to give lead time and clearly communicate the expected timeline of pulling the plug on them. In this case they kinda acknowledged they were ending support but said they should continue to work and then all of sudden they all stopped working, According to the wyze guy here :), the plug pulling was accidental but it’s clearly not a high priority. IMO it’s really about clearly communicating expectations and they haven’t done that for V1 owners. Now I still think for the money wyze is great value (I own well over 20 products), but they haven’t handled the V1 sunset very well at all.


Yeah, I agree. I’m skeptical (by default) not cynical and am optimistic by nature. Sometimes I think they shoot themselves in the foot because they try to please EVERYONE - in line with their ‘make friends of our customers’ founding principle… and impossible.

Sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot because they aim at it and pull the trigger. A little sympathy for that but not much. :wink:

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Well put, @cd23murray . The handling here (Jason aside) is just clumsy, and somewhat reminiscent of the web server backdoor non-issue that became a debacle after sitting for a year.


Jason is like the nurse who became the doctor. Superior care, imo, and not a jerk. :wink:

(Carver’s gonna think this may cast aspersions on the previous thing-Jason-is-now, but he would be wrong. That Dr. also wrocked. :grin: )

I feel very calm and loving this morning. Anyone need a hug? :hugs:

Have you tried downgrading your Firmware version? This seems to have worked for most people in getting their V1s back online. Personally, I struggled with it for a while until I found the right SD card where it worked. I tried several cards and finally found one where it finally worked, but my V1 is now back up and running. No idea what I lost with the older firmware … does not seem to have a negative impact.

The instructions are further up in this thread.


Well, I opened a ticket for three (3) failed V1 cameras a few days ago. Wyze offered one (1) $10 gift card for the batch of three failed cameras. I was hoping for a gift card for EACH camera. And, yes, I am extremely disappointed.

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beemgee I’m a rookie, can you please let me know how to do the procedure to enable me to get my V1 cameras back on line?
Do I need to insert an SD card into my computer in order to download the older firmware onto my camera.
If you could please explain the process step by step that would be very much appreciated.

V1 is the last paragraph. You’ll need to know which “Old Firmware” will work.

Maybe this info:


Try to follow the wyze instructions (Antonius links) and ask if you have specific questions but remember using the old firmware does not return full functionality (no motion detection) but live stream works well.


I did download the version you mentioned and got one of my V1 cameras working again.
Can you please email me if you ever come across a firmware that supports motion detection and notifications.
Thanks so much for posting that info, I have one more V1 cam to update.

Have a great weekend.