Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

That may be on an older firmware, some have had luck going to an older one.

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I apologize for the time it is taking to figure this out. This has been a very tough issue and we are still working on it diligently. Here is a brief rundown of what we have encountered so far:

We started seeing reports in May from users that the Wyze Cam v1 was not able to reconnect after any type of power loss. We started to look at the metrics and found there was a steadily increasing number of Wyze Cam v1’s that were offline.

Since the last Wyze Cam v1 firmware was released on January 21, 2020, we suspected a cloud issue that was introduced on or around May 2, 2022. When looking at the cloud/camera interaction we found a possible issue with some code on the cloud connected to Cam Plus Lite. We then ran a script to clean all the Wyze Cam v1 cloud code relating to Cam Plus Lite.

With the issue possibly resolved, customers were asked to try their devices that would not connect and these devices ended up still not connecting. We then started to collect MAC addresses to look into it a bit deeper. We had indeed found a cloud issue with Cam Plus Lite interaction but it had not fixed the full problem. Checking metrics again showed devices with this issue were still increasing and this meant we had more than one issue. The firmware for Wyze Cam v1 was written in a different way than the other versions and we had to get people from that original team to start the process of looking into the firmware. We have also found users have started to report they could get older versions of the firmware to work. Using that information, we have found another possible issue and are looking into possible solutions.

We will continue working on this problem and make sure we do our best to take care of our early adopters.


That’s for the detailed rundown, very useful. Glad your working on it!


Quite good, Jason! :+1:


Thank you. :smiley:


That’s a lovely little turn of phrase.

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@WyzeJasonJ haven’t heard from you this week although it would only be to say that’s there is nothing new to report as this thread approaches 60 days - embarrassed yet?

We have to keep this thread active so that anyone visiting this forum who is considering a wyze product knows the support they will get.


Did you see the above comment by Jason? That’s the latest update. If anything changes he will update you

Kind of the point that wyze would let (and like) this thread to die and go away the same as they want with the v1. It is disgraceful that this hasn’t been fixed in over 60 days. And as I’ve said before wyze is either putting in minimal effort or is incompetent - any excuse is simply bs after 60 days.

I do not want this thread to die and go away, well I do but not until the issue is fixed. Currently I do not have anything new to provide though.

I have also linked people to this thread from Reddit and other communities, so I am actually helping to keep it alive.


Is there any chance Wyze could provide a notice on the website and app letting people know what’s happening. I don’t mind following this thread but don’t feel like I should have to, to figure if/when things get fixed. This thread or reddit shouldn’t be needed for the general consumer. Again if they are serious about continuing the lifespan of the V1’s (which I doubt), there needs to be something from Wyze official channels to the owners of V1’s indicating the problem and solution beyond here. If they aren’t willing to do that, then why not?

You’re not wrong. At least a warning - "hey don’t reboot those! We’re working on it.*

I’m happy I found this thread after searching Reddit and Youtube unsuccessfully.

I own two V1 Wyze cams that have been great for years. My dad is in a rest home about an hour away from me, and the cam has been a lifesaver for me when he has a problem he can’t describe over the phone.

Dad unplugged his cam to plug in a fan a few weeks ago, and after I brought him an AC splitter, the cam has not reconnected. My next trip out I brought the power supply from MY cam at home, but that didn’t help. I now see that my home cam with a new power supply is not connecting to MY wifi, which led me here.

I’m happy to discover that I’m not the only one having these issues. Two cameras dying at once was too coincidental.

But I need to get a cam running at my Dad’s place again, and Wyze isn’t doing much here to keep me brand loyal.

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I would suggest loading the old firmware to the V1’s (see this thread for details) or buying a new camera, if it’s really important. Waiting for an official fix, I think, is probably never going to happen or at least you can’t count on that at this point.

I have been monitoring this thread from day ! as I have 3 V1 cameras and two have bricked from a power loss event. The third has survived multiple power loss events, no idea why. I keep hoping to read about a solution but nothing now for a very long time.

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So I HAD 2 camv1. They were great! Power was out for a short time and that’s all it took. I understand that it’s just a $20 camera but it’s still the principle of the thing. Even if they were not aware of the initial problem they certainly know now what kind of a cluster**** it has generated. My suggestion would be to update the software to make it functional and let everyone know that no more updates are coming because of (blah blah blah). Something even better would be to tell everyone with a V1 that if they send in their MAC address for the camera they could get a coupon for a discount on a new camera of their choice! That would be best so then no updates would be necessary and they could retain their old customers and they could brag even more about their updated cameras. Whatever route they take they need to start communicating to let their LOYAL CUSTOMERS know what is in store for the future.

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I already purchased four NEW Version3 Cams for $30 each (instead of $20 each 5 years ago for V1). It arrived in about two days. Let me tell you, V3 is FAR SUPERIOR in everyway. It logs in faster, connects better, motion detection is better, color night vision is INCREDIBLE, super sharp next level resolution. Even notifications work better. I just ordered two more V3. When V1 is working again, I’ll have six V1s for sale on ebay. Hmmm… $10 each??

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Open a ticket for the issue, I did and got two $10 coupons for my two dead v1’s that I put together for a new v3, which as mentioned is FAR superior.

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I guess I’ll need to look into that. If I get a coupon then I guess I’ll buy another camera. I just bought 3 cam pan 2’s and I’m very impressed.