Off line editing

Can the memory card be remotely edited?
Remove video that isn’t needed.
It seems to record some events and not all.
Even with motion set to 25% sensitivity, sometimes it records cars, sometimes not. Broad daylight.
And then stop in the middle of long events.

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I don’t believe you can edit any events recorded to the SD Card remotely. I believe you will need to remove the card and then edit it via a compyter.

However, Can you provide a bit more information:

  1. Which Camera are you talking about?
  2. How do you have your card set up, Continuous or Event Only?
  3. Is the issue you are experiencing only on the one camera or all camera’s?
  4. What is the Version Number of the App you are using, including iOS or Android?
  5. What is the Firmware Vesion of the Camera you are experiencing the issues?
  6. What size and type of SD Card are you using?

Looking for a bit more informaiton so that the community can provide either an answer or options.

Welcome back! Looks like you are referring to cloud storage (free 12 secs or camplus/tags) and local storage (sd card) together. Just understand that those operate separate and independently of each other. Looking forward to your answers to @spamoni4 s questions

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event only
1 camera
android 2.25.31

Also, do I have it right that the camera will only motion detect when always connected to internet?
Without the internet, the camera cannot motion detect record on it’s own?
If so, seem very shortsighted and dumb.

I have motion sensitivity set for 24%, yet I still get records of changes in sunlight.

And FWIW, notifications from this website do not work.

Just so you know, local storage (SD card) and cloud storage (free 12 secs, camplus) operate and are seperate and Independant of eachother. Each have their own menus and settings. These cameras are very internet dependant, so when no internet signal, little to none features work. I believe that if you have continuous recording enabled under local storage, and after a camera is started up and recording, then internet signal can be removed (but don’t power it down), but that’s the really only “offline” operation it can do. You can add a detection zone to exclude areas where light changes effect you most, or relocate the camera to a view where the sun and shadows effect it less. This is a downside to pixel based detection. That all pixel change are detected as motion. If you have camplus you can disable all other motion notifications, enabled recognized objects notifications, and then in the event tab filter out any non tagged events, that’s an option.