Object to the spyware

Can someone explain why the app now needs to read my contact list, read my text messages and my call logs?

Companies keep asking for more and more access to information, claiming updates make it more secure, But what would really make it more secure is to stop requesting access to more and more information.

The app was unreadable before, so the last thing I want to do is give it more access.

Please make an update that fixes bugs and performance, but does not require more permissions.

I denied all those permissions - I think I only have Storage allowed

You’re welcome to deny the permissions. It’s because the same app is used for multiple devices, including Wyze Band which mirrors calls and notifications, and therefore requires those permissions. If you don’t have a band, deny the permission. Simple.


Welcome to the forums! As stated above those permissions are for the Band,.if you didn’t get the Band during EA then they can be disabled.

Bug fixes and performance upgrades are ongoing and are being worked on all the time.