Wyze band Google play permission

I cannot enable phone call or text message notifications on my samsung galaxy s8, when trying to do so a message pops up that says “this function will be available after google play grants the permission”. Every other notification seems to work. Ive check permissions on both the wyze app and google play services and virtually everything is enabled so I am wondering why I continue to get this message. Anyone run into the same problem or have any ideas?

This is working in the current beta, in the production Google had not approved it yet, you can load the beta version if you would like. In the play store scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Join the Beta’.


Ah okay that makes sense, I had rolled my app back to regular version a while back, looks like ill install the beta again for this. Thank you for the swift response.


Why am I getting an error “This function will be available after Google Play grants the permission” on phone calls and text? I looked at other posts, looked at photos and still not allowed to get notifications on phone calls and texts. I’m not going to download the beta app as I had issues with that before. So what happens now? I’m on Samsung.

Once the beta app is officially released it will be available.

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