Good bye wyze

So let me get this straight, I must buy a new CELL phone to use my cameras! Listen to me clown, I’m 85 years old and only use my phone for emergency calls, so if you pirates think you can get people in my position to spend money to use your camera your kidding yourself. Believe me when I say no one I know will ever have any to do with your company. I’m sure the reviews you get for this move will cost you financially!

You apparently are using an ancient phone. Welcome to the real world. Technology changes regularly, and at some point almost everything gets to a point where the technology has changed enough that the older technology is not able to be supported. Software writers are faced with that every day.
You would not expect new software to work if your computer was using Windows 3.1 - would you? Of course not. No different with your phone.

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This has also happened to people using old iPhone versions a few months back. It’s a security issue, older phones don’t get updates and security patches from Google or the phone manufacturer, which can leave your apps vulnerable to a security breech. If your apps include home automation and security apps, that should be a concern.

Technology advances and older models become obsolete and easier to corrupt. The average person buys a new updated phone very 2-3 years or so.

@towelkindom - I am very glad I am not the average person.

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You’re free to do what you want but your phone is more vulnerable to attacks since it’s no longer supported by Android updates and security patches. I, personally, wouldn’t put security apps on a device that was no longer receiving security patches. Not worth the risk.

@towelkingdom - That is why I write my own “security” apps for Android … just cannot trust anyone these days. Also have a good firewall running to stop all the “let me call home” apps.

The average person doesn’t have the knowledge to do that, though. And most of the Wyze users I’ve seen, are just regular users and not necessarily knowledgeable in information security.

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