[mod edit] nothing works anymore!

…Most my tablets are older…have at work, home and in car…new stupid version crashes…bad…bad…bad business…

…who is the idiot behind this crap??

Well it works just fine on all of our devices,looks like it’s on your end and not wyze

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…nope…been using for years…since the beginning…

all my older stuff (hardware) doesn’t work anymore…


lol…you think everybody only has ONE DEVICE???

…that is disgustingly bad business…

…where’s your head?

Any device that is below Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0 is considered a security risk, there are a multitude of Apps in the app stores that do not support the older operating systems.

So you think Wyze should allow this lack of security due to old OS’s to be a risk to those whom have updated to a secure device long ago?

By allowing older OS version to work they are leaving serious security holes in their apps and servers.

According to Wikipedia:
As of 2021, 7.25% of Android devices run Nougat (no longer receiving security updates), with 4.26% on Android 7.0 and 2.99% using Android 7.1.

Don’t use Apple so not sure on that info.

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…all is back to normal…no touch it…!!!

…thx for rolling back your crap…

It won’t last, they will shutdown services in the near future to the older devices.
see this post: Important message for people using device operating systems (OS) lower than Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0

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…so will the users shut down Wyzecam…

Not sure what you are asking, over 90% of Wyze users have devices that are above Android 7.0 and Apple iOS 12. Those users will still have working devices on their WyzeApp.

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Android 7 and below are security risk?
Wait for the News…
Microsoft yesterday was hacks for their latest version.
iPhone IOS 14 can be hacked by Isreal software. It is all over news
Android 11 news will become security risk whenever it suits Google. And device manufacturers.

…not sure??

…I have 7 wyzecams and 5 older Android devices below version 7…only my phone is Pie version.

…so, 10% means nothing??

…am sure lotsa other silent users like me.

…lol, you cross the street and it’s a security risk.

…anyways, stupid me…will know better in the future.

Wyze cam just use BUYERS AS BETA_TESTERS :frowning:

It’s life, older products are retired and no longer serviceable when NTSC TV’s were replaced with HDTV’s everyone had to upgrade or not watch TV.

Same goes for most everything, especially electronics technology.

You can find used / refurbished newer Android and Apple devices on E-Bay and Amazon relatively cheap.

I have older devices I used that no longer are usable with the Wyze App, like my tablet running KitKat Android 4.4 it is no longer supported even with old Wyze App version, cameras won’t display. So it has been retired, not going to get upset about it… Just move on, that’s life


…ya…it’s life hu…simple hu?

…no give a crap hu?

…it’s life, but BAD BUSINESS…pfft…

…you can kiss your BELLY BUTTON goodbye…

…hello Aliexpress…

Goodbye, best of luck to you…


…disgusting mentality…shame on you.

Listen Scouzi,
I do not work for Wyze and I am just a user like you…
This is a forum of other users and Wyze does not usually post much here.

You are the one with the attitude and you said “…you can kiss your BELLY BUTTON goodbye…”

I gave you some suggestions but I guess you only want to whine and complain.

Goodbye, best of luck to you…


Its the same thing when all TV broadcasters had to buy new TV transmitting equipment, we also had 16 wyze V1 cameras that we upgraded to V2,and now we upgraded all of our V2 to V3 and donated the old V2 to our church and took the donation and they were so happy to get free cameras

Hmmmm. I have a bunch of 8 Track Tapes that I’d be willing to sell someone whose car still has an 8 Track Player. I also have an old RCA console TV in a beautiful wooden cabinet that needs new tubes which I’d be willing to sell to someone who values older things.

I can’t get any customer service on those items anymore. But I understand why.

To everything, there is a season (even me). Unfortunately, that’s life!

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Hi…I got 8 useless Wyzecams V2 for sale.

Any buyers?

And why do you say useless

…I have 5 older tablets I need to upgrade in order to satisfy Wyze requirments.

…at work…home…town house and family.

…cost = useless wyzecams.

…cheap Alixpress cams will last forever for support.

…your suggestions…?