Now what? Cam Pan suddenly not uploading clips. "Failed to upload"

So this morning everything was fine but out of the blue, with absolutely nothing changing (I’m not home, have not changed anything), all the event clips my Cam Pan is recording show just a picture with a “?” and “Help” below it. When I click on that I get a message that says “Failed to upload.”

Six clips in a row are like this. They start at 11:43. But at 10:56 and earlier everything is working fine and the clips are accessible to view.

So… now what? Notifications were finally working but now my primary cam, a Cam Pan, is suddenly not uploading clips. The other cameras seem fine.
Seems like every new day I wake up thinking “What will the Wyze Fairy bring me today…?”

Did Wyze flip the switch for CamPlus lite? If so, it may be working as designed if you don’t have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite. Those without a subscription will get thumbnails and nothing else.

I have the full-blown CamPlus on all my cams. And for some strange reason, a little after I posted this I was able to view a video clip that was recorded as a Sound event. But motion events were just showing a picture with the Failed to Upload error.

I have cams with Cam Plus, Cam Plus Lite and cams with no subscription at all. All are still working fine… no sign of Basic Plan (thumbnails) in effect… yet.

So today it’s suddenly a different camera. Worked fine 30 minutes ago, now getting the Failed to Upload error and just a picture. The daily Wyze lottery…

Wow…so it randomly changes between cameras every so often.

“Magic 8 Ball, will my Wyze Cams have a variety of different problems today?”

“You may rely on it”