Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes

I wouldn’t hold my breath to hear from a Wyze employee here. This is primarily a user-to-user forum; you’d have better luck contacting support.


Aardvark … thanks for the suggestion. I will shut off detection zones on all 3 cameras and see what happens.

Turning off the detection zones seems to have fixed the problem, at least for today. I’ll keep checking this, but encouraging for sure. Thanks again, Aardvark.


Just to concur. Turning off detection zone worked on my v3 with CamPlus subscription.

Strange that on my other v3 and a v2 with only CamPlus Lite and having detection zones enable worked.

I also emailed this information to Wyze support, since I had opened a case, and now maybe someone there can figure out how to properly correct what they broke.

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I hope I’m not jinxing it, and it may just be coincidence, but I have had pretty consistent detections and notifications on my V3 - CamPlus cameras for the last few weeks by hard booting them each night. I have them plugged into smart plugs which are scheduled to turn off for 15 minutes each morning.


Another Fix It Friday is open to report these bugs to Wyze.

Click thru, post, and vote!

Mine has been working fine for a couple months since finding this thread, and this morning… back to square one with everything being recorded in events, but NO notifications coming through. My last notification was at 7am after I just restarted the camera, and no notifications after that one. Anyone find a real fix yet? Definitely not going this route for my business camera :grimacing:

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Same here. Events are being logged. But not getting notified. And now I am not able to enable person detection or vehicle or pet detection for the same v3 cam. Whenever I try I’m prompted to buy a license. Which I already have.

I’m not going to submit a help ticket. The last few times I did I literally got no response. Beyond fed up with this Mickey Mouse company.

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I can enable them and don’t get that message but if I turn even one on I can’t get notifications anymore! 🤦🏼‍♀🤦🏼‍♀ So maddening! Today I turned off all AI and got some notifications. Not all. But even turning on person detection is back to square one. Come on.

I turned off everything to do with AI several months ago and just rely on the normal “all other motion events”.

I am getting notifications for all events.

I am getting most that way. But its a temporary fix IMO. I am definitely missing the convenience of person detection notifications… Rather than having to watch every single notification to see if it’s a bird or a human or a vehicle.

I don’t trust the AI - it seems to miss quite a lot of things and just tags them as motion.

Yes since Friday night I have not been getting push notifications on my phone. I have CamPlus and set to notify about all motion events. I have to go into the app to see all the events.

I tried logging out of the app, disable and reenable the notifications in the app and on my iphone, but still not working.

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“me too” on lack of notifications. It’s been this way for several weeks. Hoping they will fix this with next upgrade.

Try switching off all AI notifications and just leave the all other motion events switched on.

That will give you an idea of if the AI is responsible


Well Sunday today
no detection
not even record to sd card.
no notifications etc

did not touch anything.

it is not App, firmware etc.

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Just an update. For me, I’m getting push notifications from my V3 now, but not my V2. They both have the exact same notifications settings. Both on CamPlus. I turned off CamPlus to see if it made a difference, but still no push notifications from my V2.

**EDIT… nope not working anymore, for V2 and V3. Once in a while it works, then it doesn’t. Not changing any settings.

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I only have V3s so I have no idea why the V2 isn’t behaving correctly.

So it seems that my “fix” of turning off all AI only works for V3s

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Sunday no sd recording, detection, notification

Today, Monday
It is functioning again.

I hope Wyze can come out to explain what had happened?

I stopped getting motion notifications over a week ago. All of my settings are correct and I performed all of the troubleshooting tips.
The problem is with the “Cam Plus” service. I “unassigned” my camera from Cam Plus, and the notifications started working again!
I also assigned my camera to the “Cam Plus Lite” service, and notifications are working with that also.
So this is definitely a “Cam Plus” service problem!

UPDATE: I turned off all AI settings, and now I am receiving notifications again. So unfortunately, it’s still a “Cam Plus” problem, but it’s directly connected to the AI settings.