Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

Same here
Do some notifications come through if you push the button and wake your phone up ?

No. Do you get some when you wake up your phone? What type of phone are you using?

Yes if I push the button and wake my phone up I might get 2, 3 or 15 Notifications all at once
Android v8.0- Samsung S9+

Update. I received a couple of suggestions from Wyze support, which prompted me to dig a little deeper into my phone settings. I think I have determined the problem. It was in the phone settings related to battery management. My version of Android has something called Auto-start Manager. When I set the Wyze app to ‘Allowed’, push notifications of events started coming through.

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can we change where our notifications go to …all I get on a beep on my phone. I’d like it to go to an email or to a text message…how can we change that?

There are no email or SMS notifications available. You can vote for those here:

You can also use IFTTT. The IF trigger would be when Wyze detects motion and the THEN action would be send an SMS or email. However, IFTTT’s built in SMS is limited to 100 per month. More than that and you’d have to use a 3rd party SMS sender triggered by IFTTT.

Hey guys,

Could you tell me how long is the notification delay?
I have seen some reviews on YouTube and it was between 12-17 sec. Has it been improved with the updates?

If you are timing from when the motion first starts, that sounds about right. That’s because the notification is not generated until the 12 second clip is recorded. So the notification would not happen until at least 12 seconds after the motion starts, plus any transmission delays.

And what if you record to card. It it still roughly 12 sec?

Push notifications are tied to the motion/sound/CO/smoke detection cloud events. There is no relationship to SD card recording, which is completely independent. There is no notification feature for purely SD card recording.

What do you think is it possible to improve that notification delay with a software update? I am not really an expert in this thing. But would be nice to get that notification less than 5 sec.

The first 12 seconds (not sending the push until the video is uploaded) is really baked into the comm process, so I don’t think that’s going to change. Any further delay is mostly a function of your internet connection speeds, so somewhat under your control. But that said, these cameras are not meant to be fully “real time” in terms of notifications.

I have the same problem. Notifications do not work! I have sensitivity turned up to 100 and motion is very obvious - I’m standing right in front of the camera. Nothing gets sent to my iPhone.

Very disappointed. This is why I bought the camera!
I was wondering why it was so much cheaper than a Nest. I guess this is why.

This means you can’t use it as a security cam.

Which camera are you having issues with, the V2 or Pan?

Same issue here with push notification on Pan. Firmware Just set up the camera yesterday. It recorded an event last night so that appears to be working. Also have a problem with IFTTT appelet. Trying to configure appelet “sVLTFNdE” to text me when motion is detected but continually get " Wyze seems to be down right now"

I had the same problem. Go to Account - App Settings - make sure notifications are on. Mine were turned off

It’s not that. It’s a known bug. Wyze told me they are working on a fix.

I just received my Pan. All notification options are on. App, phone and settings. I can receive notifications from my door sensors, but not the pan cam. I can see the Events but am never notified. My firmware is up to date using Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android 8. I’ve reset the camera but still no joy. What’s the point of a security cam if it won’t notify you. Any suggestions? Should I delete cam, app then start over? Do I need to manually transfer firmware to SD card?

Did they say when this bug will fixed?

Nope. Just that they are working on it