Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

How do I get a ticket? No response yet to my emails to support. Will check website again to see if I missed a ‘ticket submit’ button. Thanks.

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I din’t see any way to submit for a ticket on the website. Just email, call or ‘community’. I’ve tried two out of three, so I’ll try to take time from work to call since I probably need to be home to cycle camera, etc. if I ever get a ticket number I’ll let you know. I just check and I have sent 5 emails since 12/26.

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I would check your email spam folder. The ticket number comes back in the auto reply email.


Nothing found in my spam folder either. All five emails were addressed to : .

I’ll have some time to call from home tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Having the exact same problem. This continues to happen. Just sent a ticket in. #163401

There are several threads on notifications not working. I had at least two events I saw in Playback that should have had notifications sent.

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Thanks for gathering these links! This is handy and I’ll check in on these as well as send the info to the team.

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Hi, do you have none notifications or you have a lot less than before? Can you please send us log for your ‘problematic’ camera? When you submit the log as you did before, please modify two things:

  1. change the recipient to be
  2. at the device field (the third one), please pick the camera that is problematic.

please repeat for the cameras that have issues. Sorry we don’t allow sending multiple firmware log at a same time yet. Thanks!

Not getting any notifications , I have several Event video clips That are showing up But No notifications from them, Last notification was 12:50 AM today
This is not a problem with one camera it is all of my cameras
Checked out the other device Running v2.0.26 same problem
@WyzeTao Log sent to at 9:23 am,

I got a second regular camera in December and I never check the events unless someone has vandalized me. Today I couldn’t find any events on my new camera on my Android app v 2.0.26, just the original one. I have it set to record to a 64 gig card and there are tons of one-minute videos on there. I also noticed that the live view only had a graphic of the camera although when I tapped on it, I could get the live view. The other one did have a live view of my side yard.

Their website doesn’t list 64GB as a supported capacity:

*Note: The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. While there are ways to force larger cards onto the FAT32 format, they are less likely to be recognized by the camera and may corrupt your data.

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I have two cameras with notifications turned ON but I’ve never received any on my Android phone (and they aren’t being blocked). Firmware and app up-to-date.


Here is a link to some instructions on how to try and troubleshoot not receiving any push notifications.

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Been there, done that. Still no notifications.

Have you tried unpairing and repairing the cameras to your account?

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No, but I just installed the 2nd camera a couple weeks ago. No notifications from either. I suppose I could try re-installing the Android app.

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Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.

Reinstalling the app appears to have solved the problem for me. I am now receiving notifications. I also noticed a bell icon in the upper right corner that I didn’t see before. I assume this toggles notifications on/off?

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Yes you are correct that is what the bell is for, I’m happy that you were able to get your problem resolved.

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I noticed i did not and still do not get any info in the notifications/events tab of the app.

I had the app up all weekend and walked by the camera numerous times to trigger it. i can see it following me and using tracking but never records the 12 sec clip.

i do see stuff in the playback mode so i know it is recording.

any thoughts?

thank you for your support.