Notifications from Camera Itself


So I purchased a Wyze v2 cam for my new nanny to keep an eye on things while she is watching my daughter. But every time I log-in, she looks directly at the camera. I also turned off the motion tagging, and the second I did that, she looked into the camera. My question is, does it alert her when I log-in? or when I’m on the app? Just seems like super weird timing for her to look at the camera right when I click a button or open the app LOL!

Thanks in advance!

I have never noticed any noise except when switching the IR filter in and out, or inserting or formatting the uSD card.


I have no noise either. Perhaps turn the night vision to OFF to make sure that’s not being trigger in AUTO mode. And make sure you don’t accidentally tap the microphone button in the app. Other than that, I would test it yourself by sitting in front of the camera when you connect to it on your phone and see if you notice anything.