Notifications for shared Wyze cam

I shared a Wyze cam with my daughter so she can monitor her baby. She can turn on the sound but if her phone goes to sleep, she doesn’t get notifications that he is moving/ awake. Her phone doesn’t have the notifications choices that mine does (no choices at all). Is there a way for her to get notifications if he is making noises?

Welcome to the forums! The notification settings follow the device, so if you (being the main user) have notifications disabled, they are disabled for her. If you have them enabled, she will also get them. That’s how a shared camera works. If she wanted to full suite of settings she’ll have to install the camera to her account, or depending on your showing, you could share your main account login so she would have full access to the camera.

You mention that “she can turn the sound on but when her phone falls asleep she doesn’t get notifications”, is she trying to live view the camera and listen to the audio from the live stream, as opposed to getting an actual sound alert notifications from the app itself? If it’s the live stream one, I’d have her look into a app or setting in her phone OS that would keep the screen awake so that the live stream could continue. I am not an iOS user so I don’t know of any way to do this in that os.

@Mavens , team! :bat: Anyone know how to keep a screen live on iOS to keep a live stream active?


I don’t know about iOS but on my Android device screen timeout is 10 minutes Max

I have an app in my android tablet called “caffeine” that can keep it on forever? As long as it’s powered or has battery of course.

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Here’s what I found with a search

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