Is there away to allow device to turn off display due to inactivity?

In the android settings I have the screen set to go to screen saver after a minute. I also have an app that wakes the device on notification. What I would like is for a way to go to screen saver(or atleast turn off screen) while the cameras are on. It seems while viewing the cameras the screen will not time out, part of this is probably the apps permissions.

I have my tablet set up in the hall easily viewable from multiple rooms, so I’d like to hear the notification, have a quick glance. But I don’t need the screen on all the time, id prefer when not in use to have it as a picture frame.

Anyway to accomplish this?

You don’t need to leave up a live view for the notifications to work. The camera continues to do its job even when you are not watching. The live view is only in effect for as long as it is in the foreground (as far as I know). You can start the live view after receiving a notification.

FYI in practice this is of limited value due to the 12-20 second lag.

I don’t run into that kind of lag time. I understand i can still get notifications, however, as described i use notifications to wake the screen. This allows me to turn my head and see whats going on from most areas in my home. I want the screen to timeout or go to screen saver mode after a minute of inactivity while the live video plays.

If I don’t have the camera feed up, wake on notifications means I will have to Manually open the camera feed… which defeats the purpose of being able to easily look over and see

It does not work the way you wish it would. As I said, the stream only works when it is the foreground application. (As you know a “screen saver” is just another application.) I just tested to confirm. Sleeping the screen or switching to any other app quiesces the Wyze stream, which has to be restarted when the app is brought back to the foreground.

The lag I mentioned is the time between detection and notification. It will probably never be faster than 12 seconds for Wyze person detection notifications.

If I manually press the button and turn the screen off, then I open my door pretty quickly I get a notification the screen comes on and shows me the feed. I can have it off for an hour and do the same, when it comes on I may see a half second of reconnecting to one maybe both cameras. The trouble is getting it to automatically turn off the display.

Now I’ve used a few apps to get it to turn off such as Gravity Screen, however that only gives me about 2 seconds before it turns off.

Ok so I figured this out if anyone is interested.

I downloaded the following apps fully kiosk and tiny cam pro.

I loaded my cameras onto tiny cam, then I created a dashboard in Sharp Tools. This dashboard included my cameras, calendar, news, weather, time. Ill add more when I get a hub. I loaded SharpTools into fully kiosk. I then told fully kiosk to wake on motion. It also has the ability to wake on audible motion which I turned down and set very low. I have the Wyze app running in the background.

So what happens is the tablet displays a screen saver, when someone walks by or makes loud enough noise the screen saver stops. This reveals the Dashboard showing my two cameras and other things. If the Wyze app detects motion or a door sensor it sends a notification. The notification noise wakes the tablet and shows the cameras for 15 seconds then back to screensaver. I understand Tinycam has some motion detection but I’ve yet to play with it, and I like being able to pause notifications from my phone.

To alleviate some strain on my tablet I did use an old android phone to host the webserver for my cam feeds. This sits on my office desk all day. I also have another tablet that lacks any real power at all and im able to load the dashboard on it, though I have to load it into a browser and it pretty much is a manual wake up, but as a secondary dash by the basement steps it’ll do.