Activate Android or IOS Tablet/Device to Monitor Wyze Cam2 upon motion detection

Is there a way to Activate/Wake up and display Wyze cam video on an Android Tablet (or IOS for that matter, I have both) upon motion detection, then sleep after a set duration of several seconds? Not just a notification, but a display of the video seen by the camera. We had this basic functionality with an old Uniden Guardian system of cameras and a receiver/monitor that died. We had the 7" monitor/receiver beside our TV. So while hanging out watching TV, if motion was detected, like a bear walking by, our Uniden receiver/monitor came on then turned off after a minute, so we did not have a glaring always-on display. We hope to have this functionality with Wyze or a third party App. Is it possible and how do we set up for this?

That to me is a tall order. I’m on IOS and Alexa only so I’m limited there, but it might be possible thru a combination of IFTTT, tweaking the tablet/monitor settings, Alexa or Google, and the Wyze devices. That’s about as far as I can point you. IFTTT might be crucial for this one.
I’m going to watch this topic and see if anyone else has suggestions.
Good question!

Thank You tomp. It must be a tall order due to the lack of evident solutions to this. What seems odd is if older models of home security had this as a norm (having a monitor method that turned on and off with motion) that the newer tech would have included it as a given. I looked over the IFTTT options and didn’t readily find a way to do this.

Sorry you couldn’t find anything. Maybe with the newer technologies it is just more complicated??
We have some pretty sharp folks here, so I’m going to tag the other @Mavens - maybe one of them will have an idea.
I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see what happens


I dont know if this is possible or not. I have a thought that there might be certain apps you can do this with. when I get home I will attempt this and report back.

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Ring recently added this feature with their Doorbell but not yet with motion. When someone rings my doorbell all the Alexa units with a screen show the live video feed. Not sure why more vendors don’t support it honestly it seems like a nice feature.

right, it makes sense, but on a phone (as opposed to alexa units or other specifically smart home items) it would require a bit more for control and permissions and especially drawing over other apps. by not having to have that permission I could see the perception consumer as having more control of things. something some less tech savvy people might like. we’ve all read those articles about “what do your apps have control off” and other scary buzzwords.

it was mentioned that other older “home security” units have this option. with that in mind those units were made specifically for that with the idea of security in mind. with that Wyze not being specifically intended for security purposes I could see that as an afterthought in comparison to the cameras being a convince tool first and foremost.

im sure it could be done though.

I tend to agree, I don’t necessarily want the feature on my phone, or at least I want to be able to control when. It will be interesting to watch how this evolves in the market, it’s obvious there is pent up demand.

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I think it would be a great concept, but a bad reality, great until until you have over 2 cameras and live in a high traffic area :slight_smile: im near 20 cameras, I do just fine with some that have the sound notifications enabled, and I stress SOME, if I think its something I need to pay attention to ( late at night or really early when someone shouldnt be somewhere), then I check it right away.

that screen would flash on so much most would loose their mind. it would also use much more of the battery

Yep, it’s something that I definitely would want to be able to turn on or off on demand. Ring is going to add motion detection as a trigger but only for their version of Person Detection not General motion. Although I will say I get far far fewer false alerts from Ring than Wyze. But I don’t like Rings event model. The recording almost always misses the cause.

I just tried my idea about getting a notification to actually open up the app and hopefully open up a specific camera and sadly I wasn’t able to get it working. There is a lot you can do with the Tasker app but I wasn’t able to accomplish my goal.


Very cool of you to try and it is much appreciated. Way more than I would’ve known to try. Thank you!


I believe that TinyCam has a pop-up window that can be triggered by motion, but it is based on changes in the video, not by a hardware motion detector. I’m just going by memory here though.

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Thanks Wrecks0 - Will look into it!

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So - on the V3 - is there no way to get the app to call your phone when motion is detected?