Is anyone else having problems with motion sensors displaying unscheduled video

is anyone else having problems with motion sensors displaying unscheduled video events since the 3/2020 android/ios update

What do you mean? Not sure what “displaying unscheduled video” means. Displaying what video where? What device is the video streaming to? What started the video playing? As far as I know Wyze does not display any video unless you specifically ask it to?


My motion detectors are recording as events eveything, even when disabled and or scheduled no[ to.

It’s killing the batteries in a few months!

I think I understand. The motion detectors don’t ever turn off or stop detecting motion. When you tell them not to really all you are doing is preventing them from acting on the motion detection.

In other words they are always on. So in a high traffic area I would expect a battery to die fairly quickly, no more than 2 to 3 months. The same is true of the contact sensors.

Yes. The sensor doesn’t seem to respect schedules/macros. I have it set to HOME = No Notifications, but I believe the Sensor’s “Capture Video” setting is ignoring the “No Notifications” rule.

Agreed and it’s since the last Wyze update far as I can tell.

How do you have it setup to record video clips from cameras via the Sense motion detector trigger?

“notifications” are not “triggers”. The way to silence the triggers is to power off the camera with the bridge or remove the battery from the sensor. The way to silence the notifications is via rules and settings.

Thanks for the reply. Only thing is, my contact sensors do NOT act that way. They Stop recording and alerting and posting events on schedule as it’s always been. I don’t understand why one type does and one won’t and I have several at the front half of my house and several in back half with cams, contact and motion sensors between all.

My motion detector video also PREVIOUSLY responded to scheduling to disarm- turn the notification off on motion detectors which always stopped the video posting in events, but ever since a recent Wyze update only the cams and contact sensors work on schedule and don’t post to events, only the motion sensors do.

I’ve rebooted my iOs and Android systems, reinstalled Wyze app, checked software updates, and even rewrote the scheduling, to no avail. Changing batt every three months or so is a pain in the … because they are mounted eight feet up so I need a ladder for every one!

See my angst?!

I do value your advice though as you have helped me several times in the past.

Okay, that’s a good idea though I like leaving cams on to bring them up immediately when I get an alert where and when it’s an important time of day (front door) or night (behind or sides of house). But I’ll keep that idea in mind.

Thank you.

When you say “HOME =“ can you provide a screenshot? I can’t find anything like what you are describing in the Wyze app or Wyze rules. I am not sure where to look for that setting.

I must be missing something. I have a rule that enables a motion sensor to record video clips from a Wyze camera when it detects motion. But only at night. During the day the rule prevents the camera from recording clips. This rule works just fine. What type of rule are you using? Can you provide a screenshot like below?

These show my home screen and the major problem sensor. It has a day off time and nite on time.

My doors and cams are written in same format but function fine on off day nite.

Mr. Terry Gero

So the way I read that rule is that you want notifications at night, from 11 PM until 6 AM. And from 6 AM to 11 PM during the day you do NOT want notifications.

So if that rule is doing it’s job and you are not getting notifications when you expect to your next checks would be are notifications turned off globally in the Wyze app (Bell icon) which in your screenshot looks fine.

I see you are using Android and I know there are many ways to control the reception and generation of notifications there such as DND and background mode etc. I will defer to some of our Android experts there. But your rule appears to be fine.

Yes and I also use a fully updated iPad mini 4 which I’ve gone through all the painstaking app and iOs update checks and rewrote the format in the rules/scheduling to no avail. The iPad in fact is what I am typing on because the Android version for phone covers the display while typing therefore hindering visualization.

A lot of quirks are showing up suddenly with Wyze.