Sensor video stopped working 2019-07-22 [RESOLVED]

Camera and motion sensor was set to record video when motion sensor detected motion , it has been working perfectly , all of a sudden it does not work anymore, motion is detected by motion sensor but no video recorded from the camera.
Anyone else see this problem crop up?
EDIT power cycled camera with bridge, (same camera that is set to record ) no luck , motion sensor and camera with bridge are 10 feet apart

Sensor videos stopped for me sometime after 7pm PST as well.

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Removed battery from motion sensor to reset it , no luck , still failing.
Tap on motion detected I get this

Ill be home at 0630. Ill check this out too. thanks for the heads up.

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Just a thought but maybe something is up with the 14 day cloud storage. Person detection went live around 14 days ago.

I don’t know about that , but there doesn’t seem to be any point in doing any further troubleshooting on my end

so I just looked at my motion sensors and all of them are indeed offline. And they’ve been offline longer than what you guys are reporting. I saw the cloud with a line through it yesterday and I just overlooked it. I remember thinking that’s odd but didn’t focus on it at all and got ready for work anyway.

if anyone else has this issue, I shut my camera that has my bridge on it off within the app. I then unplugged that camera for about 3 minutes. When I plugged it back in and turned it on all of my wyze sensors were working but no video

@HDRock. Can you confirm my solution with yours?

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I checked all my sensors and all of them are working. I haven’t experienced this issue so far. EST

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Just checked mine. Seemed to be inop. Power cycle of the camera with bridge seems to have fixed it (as far as getting events goes). However, no smart alert video recorded on that test.


I’m having the same problem on all of mine. They have been flawless with Sensor videos up until today. The sensors are tripping but no corresponding sensor video. Same screen shot as HDRock shows. “No sensor videos recorded”. Anyone open a log yet to report? Seems like it is a big problem.

Just tested again. Sensor trigger, got notification. Notification said “check out the alert video”. There is no alert video in the sensor event log or Events tab. There is a pixel-based motion event on that camera a little bit prior to when the motion sensor was triggered.

Yes, exact same problem began this morning for me. Just as you described.

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Same problem here, I power cycled everything, and the motion detection is working, and I get alerts when the door is opened, but no video is being recorded, same as above.

@WyzeGwendolyn , seems a bunch of folks are having this issue. Are there any backend AWS issues going on that might be causing this?

Same problem. Started last night. I have totally done everything. Even reconfigured from scratch. I’m not using person recognition so why does this have anything to do with Wyze? It’s troubling that this can happen. You need confidence in your security system. I guess it goes back to you get what you pay for. Loved it before now have no desire to continue with it.

i was able to go onto my SDcard on the camera during the same timestamp period and i at least have the clip locally, just not the AWS cloud clip.

The problem at hand is it should have a recording under the motion sensor timeline when the motion sensor is triggered and there is none. I believe that doesn’t use the SD card in the camera. I thought the sensor had internal storage but it’s become obvious it is uploaded to a Wyze server.

Same here. Worked great up until this morning at around 530am EST. Cam is still working live stream, and contact sensor still alerts me when door has been opened but cam is not recording the event.

Wyze how about some feedback. Anyone supporting your product???