Wyze Cam v2 event recording stopped suddently

After the latest upgrade, event recording with motion and door sensors stopped for the 2nd times in a week. I was able to remediate the issue with event recording the first time by rebooting the camera. The second time, after reset, event recording is still broken.

this has recently been discovered and is being brought to Wyze’ attention. make sure you send a log in, so those numbers can be collected

This happened to me yesterday but the smart video alerts seem to be working again for me today. That is odd…

See this thread

This is one of the reasons I have my Wyze camera plugged into a Smart Plug.
Something is timing out and motion detection is failing to record a video.

Re-boot the camera and everything is okay.

I thought they had this fixed, but it’s back again.

I’ve programed my Smart plug to turn OFF and back ON for a minute 4 times a day every 6 hours.
You shouldn’t have to do this, but it fixes the problem until Wyze comes up with the solution.

Thanks guys for confirming. It is working again after my 3rd reboot last night. I am seeing video events.

just bought the w2 cam yesterday only to be stuck with this issue. I get sound notifications and red dot next to events but clicking on events and no events are listed.
tried rebooting phone, rebooting cam with garbage results.
about to just return this pos.

Something is still going on.
I stopped getting events this morning. The camera is recording it just the Events are not appearing on the phone.
Re-booting the camera doesn’t help with my situation.
Maybe server issues?

reinstalled camv2 and seems to be working…