Sensor video stopped working 2019-07-22 [RESOLVED]

The smart sensor video is stored in the cloud and shows on the event page. You are correct in that the smart sensor videos are stored in the cloud. My point was if you need to see what happened until this is resolved, you can review your local video on the sd card at that time to view what happened when the sensor went off.

@rickkaiser5 This forum is primarily a user to user site. Do not rely on or expect this forum to provide support. For support, click the support link, top right. I encourage those commenting here to submit support requests.

That said, I have reported this issue directly to Wyze and it has been passed on to the dev team to look at. I will update this thread if I hear anything.


As many have stated, the sensors aren’t triggering smart event videos.
I set up a ifttt applet to see if that would work, using same motion sensor and camera and it works- strange!

I also have this problem. started this morning and my motion sensor is not getting any video it show that there was an event but no video just like everyone else has described.

Just got sensor kit in mail and trying to set it up and wasn’t getting video recorded when sensor triggered. Looks like it’s not just me and my setup, good to know!

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Thank you Loki.

I did also put in a support ticket a couple hours ago

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My sensors never went offline, just no smart alert video when motion sensor was activated

I opened a ticket as well. Also i did the same thing as someone else suggested. I setup IFTTT to record a video clip when i gets a motion alert and that is working as a stopgap until it is resolved. Hopefully support gets this fixed soon.

Hey, folks!

Sorry to hear about this. For those that have sent in support tickets, could you please give me the numbers so I can draw attention to them? If anyone in here hasn’t sent in a support ticket yet, please do so using this form:

Submit a request – Wyze


Actually, in a case such as this, wouldn’t it be better to submit them using the Help & Feedback > Report a Problem in the app and include the app log?

That one depends on if someone is using the beta app or not. Beta logs go straight to the devs and aren’t handled by support. The link I posted above is more general and avoids those complications.

That said, logs would be great! :slight_smile:

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Here’s mine:

[Wyze Ticket 283491] Request received: Smart alert videos missing

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Thank you! Support Ticket #282983

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Just submitted one. [Wyze Ticket 283498] Request received: Sensor Video Not Working

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Any ETA on this issue?
Is anyone’s contact or motion sensors triggering a smart video?

Thanks, folks! I’m sending these over to the team.

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According to a reddit post from 4 hours ago , from a wyze employee they were aware of the issue and working to fix

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Here’s mine. [Wyze Ticket 282753]

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Same here. I didn’t realize my smart video alerts wasn’t working until I checked them just now.

[Wyze Ticket 283515] Request received: Feedback: No Smart Video Alert


Thanks! I’m sending the newer ticket numbers over, too.

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