Event video notification but camera off

Just updated to latest iOS Wyze app and noticed this. I have a PIR motion sensor tied to one cam, and whenever there is motion, a notice of an event video appears in the Events tab. Normally, that would be expected, but the camera is off, and there’s no actual video.

Submitted a support ticket, but just wanted a sanity check if someone could look at this.

The camera being off doesn’t stop the sensor from triggering, just looks like it doesn’t send a video when the “event” is uploaded. Or is the problem that you dont have it set up to trigger a notification event? and its doing that now? Edit/ when you say “tied to one cam”, does that mean the bridge is in that camera? or you have a rule that triggers the camera when the PIR triggers?

I’ve owned these things for over a year and never have I gotten a notice on the Events tab that a motion sensor was triggered unless the camera it is connected to actually uploads a video. Now, every time there is motion, there is an event? But no video? That’s idiotic.

And the camera is OFF.

Tied - motion sensed, camera captures video. It’s part of the motion sensor settings.

Have you tried removing the sensor video setting that you made on the previous app, and remaking it within the beta app? When the camera is off via the app, its actually still “on” in a sense. Its just not performing any functions other that being online and waiting for the wake up signal. Hopefully some beta app users can chime in with their experiences.

To add, here’s the Event tab from the 24th. It’s fine. Seems this started the 25th by looking at my timeline.

When did you update to the beta app?

It didn’t look like this yesterday - I check my feed daily. And I updated the app today, went into the events tab, and there it was. But, I can’t account for why it appears to have started on the 25th. If it’s not the app, then it’s the Wyze cloud/server since nothing has changed on my end in over a year.

Yeah, so on my unupdated Android beta app, it looks the same, so it’s not an app specific issue. Must be cloud/server related.

I wonder if you were to go back into the production app, would they show up and download correctly? I am out of ideas beyond this. We may have to see what Support has to say, but with the app being Beta, the very point of it being Beta is that its known to be a work in progress.

a previous beta app version or the production app?

I’ma beta tester, so previous beta version.


C’mon @WyzeTao @WyzeGwendolyn

Anyone. Please explain why, when the camera is OFF but a sensor detects motion, how is it that the Event tab FILLs with “Smart video alerts”? There’s no video, the camera is OFF. Why is there an alert? This just began May 25th. Beta AND regular app, Android and iOS. So it’s not an app issue.

C’mon people. There’s something wrong here.

Hmm… I don’t have an answer for this one. I’ll see if someone else has one.

Happy birthday.

Nothing yet? It’s been 11 days since I’ve heard anything, 21 days since I first posted about this issue.

Every day, while I’m at home teleworking and my cameras are off (I need the bandwidth with three people teleworking), my Event tab just gets filled with empty notifications of “Smart video alert” but how is that possible when the camera is off?

C’mon… someone with motion detectors or contact sensors triggering event videos has to have happening as well… Can’t be just me…

FYI - This isn’t just iOS, it appears on my Android tablet as well.

Thank you for the birthday wish! I’ll try poking the team again. I don’t have an answer for this one yet and I’m sorry to hear that’s still an issue.

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This is a bug for our beta firmware. We haven’t got a chance to fixed. The bug is exactly for your scenario. When camera is off, the connected sensor will still work but camera should not report any empty event. We will fix it before official release. Thanks for reporting the issue


@WyzeTao, @WyzeGwendolyn

Whew… thank you. I thought I was going crazy because no one else seems to have this issue.

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You’re welcome! Thank you very much for your patience as I went digging for this answer. :slight_smile:

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