Motion notifications with video, but app says 'Offline'?

I tried the Wyze Beta app for iOS and starting yesterday I’m getting notifications for motion on my camera which I can open and view the video recorded, however when I go to the ‘Home’ area of the app and select the camera it will not connect, and thus motion sensors are offline as well. I’m 2hrs away and cannot power cycle. I installed the non-beta of the app and it’s the same issue. Any ideas?

Since you are not able to reach the camera to do a physical power cycle, you can try restarting it from the Wyze app. Go to Camera > Gear Icon top right > Camera Settings > Restart Device near the bottom. This doesn’t always work but it is worth a try.

Edit: You might want to consider installing a smart plug so you can power cycle the camera remotely.


It won’t let me restart but that is a GREAT idea on the smart plug! And I actually have an extra one around I can use. Thank you!

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You’re welcome! I use smart plugs on my cameras and it really helps when you need to do a power cycle away from home.