Turn Cams on/off from the Android notification

When I get home, I often do not turn off my Wyze Cams until I take off my coat, put down my groceries (or put them away), etc. All my Cams start giving me notifcations for “person,” movement," sound, etc. My phone makes a lot of racket for a few minutes until I get around to turning off the Cams. I might have 10 notifications by the time I turn off the Cams.

It is a small hassle to unlock my phone, open the Wyze app, and find the little button to turn off the Cams.

I think that Android allows some actions to happen from within a notification. (Consider Spotify and how it has Play/Pause/Rewind buttons even when the phone is locked. You don’t have to open the Spotify app to do this.)

It would be great if there was a way to just turn off the Cams by pressing a button on the Android notification. I would prefer to not have this accessible when the phone is locked (although some users might like that option.) My preferred workflow is to unlock my phone and then press a single button to turn the Cams on or off (preferably from the Android pulldown notification.). Again think about Spotify and how they have those nice large buttons to make it easy.

But why wait for the notifications to kick off? Why not just turn off detection or turn off the cameras on your way there?