Notifications at night stopped

My camera worked great. I use it to monitor my son’s sleep due to problems. Suddenly notifications aren’t coming through right away. For example, at 4:39am I got a notification that there were 17 events. However, if I am using my phone they do pop up immediately. I don’t remember changing any phone settings but it’s possible. Background app refresh is on, notification settings correct in phone settings. Turned on in Wyze app and bell icon shows normally. Do not disturb on phone is off. Any insight?

As long as you haven’t set up Rules or Shortcuts that turn off notifications on a schedule, then late notifications are almost always due to your device going into some kind of battery saving sleep state. Some device manufacturers (like OnePlus, from personal experience) are particularly aggressive at this despite turning off battery optimization. What phone/OS are you using?

iPhone 8 with iOS 12.4

Double check that Do not disturb is not set for a scheduled time. The very top button to turn it on/off is actually subservient to the schedule, when enabled it will take priority for the hours selected. Another possibility, notifications not set to show on lock screen or possibly need to change style from temporary to persistent. Can always to a hard reboot of iPhone, sometimes fixes oddball glitches.

Are you placing your iPhone screen down in the evening? This will silence incoming notifications that aren’t marked critical. The same happens if you set a bedtime alarm regardless of screen orientation.

If you don’t clear your notifications often then new ones will get grouped with existing notifications from the same app.

The screen down thing doesn’t happen to me. Not sure what that’s about. I get other notifications such as texts. Also no bedtime alarm. I am super obsessive about notifications and they are always cleared.

Double checked DND- no schedule set. Turned on and back off just as a reset. Checked notifications and they were set to temporary, so we’ll see tonight if that works.