Notification list displays videos near end-of-day, after viewing a video.

When you’re going thru the notification list, and, find a video you want to view, you watch that video. But, then, the list refreshes to display the videos near the end-of-day (10:40pm), instead of back at the time of the video you just watched.

This is a PITA, cuz you sometimes need to do a LOT of unnecessary scrolling to find the precise video you want to view. Also, if you have a lot of notifications, it displays only a certain number before taking more time to “loading” more from the list.

This is VERY frustrating cuz it is preventing you from quickly accessing a critical video. Plz fix! Thx.

I’m not seeing this behavior. When I return to the list, it takes me back to the same point. What version of the app are you using and are you on iOS or Android?

BTW, did you know that you can swipe left/right to move directly from one clip to the previous/next?

Android HTC M8 Harmon Kardon edition, w/ app version 1.3.162

The swipe left/right to quickly move from one clip to the next is great. I was not aware of that capability. Thx.

However, the bug I mention should still be fixed.