App request/idea for reviewing videos

I’m currently on the app beta (which is awesome btw). What I would like to see is a way where when we go to our notifications to review it stays at the time when when last looked. For example I want to see what triggered my alerts starting at 245am through 515am. I would go to the notifications scroll to 245am/download/view. Now when I go back out to the notifications it takes me back to the very top of the notifications I’m not concerned about.

Is there a way to make it go back to the 245am range that way I can just tap the next video instead of scrolling?

In the current beta app, you can swipe directly between notifications. Does that help?

Here is what I was talking about


Video download notification idea/request

The video linked is not set to public on Google Drive, therefore can’t view it.

Try now. Sorry. I also put it in the facebook group. I’m on a pixel XL running latest app beta.

I’m on iOS and I don’t see it jumping back up after returning to the alert list.

However, Android beta V1.3.107 or later includes the function to swipe directly from one alert to the previous or next alert. That should help with your issue, yes?

I am using Android 1.3.113 (Beta). I don’t think anything has changed since 1.3.107 in this feature set.

Play the first one you want to view. To view the next one up in the list, swipe from left the right (like viewing previous page in Kindle). This is a bit ambiguous, since the “previous” chronological notification is below, and you need to swipe from right to left.

This still needs a bit of work. If you delete the video, it goes back to the list. It would be nice if there was a “mark” or “select” box so you could delete all marked videos at the end of your review.

It isn’t obvious to me what deleting a video actually does. Does it:

  1. Delete the video on the AWS servers
  2. Delete the video from your phone's video folder
  3. Both
Many of my videos are just false triggers (e.g. a bright flash at a window from a reflection of the sun off a passing car). These I would like to delete from both the AWS storage and my phone. There is currently no "exclude" region in Motion Detection Zone (not complaining, just explaining). I do appreciate the Motion Detection region in the Beta.

Others I would like to delete from the AWS (so they don’t count against my quota), but would like to keep on the phone. For these I would be nice to rename and move the videos to a separate folder than video, so they aren’t buried in the other alert videos. By rename, I mean assign a meaningful name to the video, like “delivery man throws package”. Tagging/renaming when reviewing the video is the “natural” time to do this.

Even better would be the ability to copy the video to DropBox/Google Drive/Amazon etc. at the time it is moved from the video folder. But if the files were all moved to a staging folder than could then be uploaded and moved to another folder later would be sufficient.

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A couple of points…

  • The alert clip videos are not stored on your phone's video folder (at least not for iOS, I assume also not for Android), so delete would mean from the AWS server,
  • You don't have an AWS quota. All videos are stored for 14 days without limit. (That's why they are limited to 12 seconds every five minutes).
  • You can save the alert videos via the Share button in which case you can specify where (again, this is iOS, but I would expect something analogous on Android).
  • (again on iOS) you can share each video clip to DropBox, Google Drive, etc.