Multiple uploads of notifications

I’m seeing 20 or more videos of notifications with the same timestamp. This started happening 2 days ago. Is this a known problem, I didn’t see anything is the support form? What can be done, I don’t want to eat up the storage.

Is there a way to delete multiple notifications simultaneously?



I’m not seeing the duplicate notification videos issue.

You can delete notification videos in batches by tapping the pencil-in-a-box icon top left (it will change to a checklist icon). Then tap the small green circle next to each video you want to delete, and then Delete button under the stack of thumbnails. You can select all with the button toward the bottom left.

You can filter down to one camera at a time by tapping the word “Alerts” above the dates bar.

(This is for the iOS app. I assume it’s similar on Android.)

Thank you RickO, it may have been something with my phone, after contacting you I noticed that when I deleted a notification that the same date/time notify was still there and only after 20+ attempts did it go away. So in my notification, each one listed was unique, but deleting a notification did not remove it from the list till several deletes were made. </span>

Ken, I’m not sure if we’re talking about notifications in the phone’s master notification list, or if we are talking about cloud video clips listed in the Wyze app’s Notifications tab. If the latter, if it were me, I think I’d try selecting them all and deleting them all to make a clean slate and see if that resolves the issue. (That’s not based on experience, just a thought of what troubleshooting I might attempt.)

Cloud video clips are the issue, I’ve discovered that if I review the clip and delete it, the clip is still on the list. However, if I use the checklist icon to select the clip and delete it the video clip goes off the list.

I have selected all and deleted them, then rebooted my phone but that didn’t help. I’m happy with my workaround of using the checklist to delete the notification clips, so if no one else has this issue don’t put a lot of time into it.

Phone: SM-N910V (Samsung Note 4)

Android: 6.0.1

App Version: 1.2.58



I’m running the iOS app, but I do see what you’re talking about. If you view a clip and then tap the delete button, accept the deletion confirmation, it returns to the list and the video is still shown there. However, if you pull down on the list, that will cause the list to refresh and the video delete will be gone. Does that work for you?


OK - after reviewing a Notification Clip and deleting it, it remains on the list, swiping down on notifications will clear the video clip that was deleted but after a delay of 10-15 seconds. Alternately if I tap Notifications at the bottom of the screen it refreshes with the deleted one no longer in the notification list.

This is interesting, as I recall in the past, I would select the top notification clip in the list review it, delete it, it would go away, and then select the top notification in the list following the same procedure till all notifications were cleared.

This procedure of tapping Notification after deleting works for me, now that I understand it. Different… yes, but it works, and now I also know how to delete multi false Notification clips when we get clouds here in Phoenix AZ.

I am still a believer in Wyze and a very happy customer. Thanks for the great support and great product. Awaiting my next V2 camera.


Ken, glad it’s working okay for you now.

Just to be clear, I’m just another Wyze owner like you, not an employee or rep.


Could have fooled me. Sounds like you’ve got some IT background. Anyway, thanks for the ideas and support.



Actually, I’m an airline pilot by profession, but I do have some IT background.