Perceived Bug- Notification Area


  1. Go to the notification area
  2. Select a date
  3. Review a video
  4. Delete that video from the video page (via the delete icon)
Expected behavior:

The selected date should be selected (which it is) showing the modified amount of videos for that date (which is not)

Current behavior:

All videos are shown including videos from past dates.

This caused me to mistakenly delete ALL videos (thinking I am deleting only videos from the specific selected date).

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce.

Also it would make sense to add a date and not just time to the notification page next to each video - seems you have plenty of room to do so.



I just learned a new three letter acronym.

From the context I was able to remove many others that google reported.

STR - Steps to Reproduce

My 5 cameras keep going offline. There is no problem with signal strength and I have another 7 camera system (different brand) on the same signal working flawlessly. These are brand new and I just installed them yesterday. Anyone know why they keep going offline?

Thanks :slight_smile:


hopefully someone from from the WyzeCam team can look at my post and report back.



Please start a topic with a subject related to your problem. It won’t easily be found here, since it has nothing to do with this topic.

A bit disappointing that no one from Wyze has contacted me about my support request or replied back to this thread.

As I mentioned, the defect is <span style=“background-color: #f6d5d9;”>not a major one and seems pretty simple to fix, however, </span>the consequences are MAJOR - deletion off ALL of your cloud based recorded events.



I followed your steps to the letter and could not duplicate your reported problem. I went back to the 21st and repeatedly watched and deleted videos on that date. The list correctly showed videos for that date only. Changing dates and coming back to the 21st resulted in a correct list as well. The only issue I did find is that select all and delete only deleted a portion of the saved clips. I had to select all and delete about a half dozen times in order to get all clips from the 21st to actually be deleted. It would appear that it only deletes some number each time. After doing so, clips from se3veral previously selected dates showed correctly and could be viewed.

This was on iOS app version 1.3.134 on an iPhone 6S with iOS version 11.3.1

Thank you for the update K6CCC!

I will try to post a video to show you what I see.


I was able to duplicate the issue easily and recorded my session on my iphone:

Link to video (also attached it at the bottom):

I had 2 videos from May 24th and 2 videos from May 15th. I selected the May 24th date that showed two videos. Deleted one and instantly all remaining 3 videos were showing up!

This is why I mistakenly deleted ALL videos before…

Let me know please if this helps.



Please see my latest post with a video that shows the issue.



I get the same behavior using a 128 GB iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.3 and app version 1.3.134. This is the only behavior I have seen since I got my V2 a week and a half ago. Fooled me the first time too.

Also app 1.3.150

And still waiting for someone from Wyze staff to chime in…