Trouble deleting cloud event clips

Deleting an event clip Doesn’t work the first time, I have to go back and do it a second time for it to be gone.
Anyone else having this trouble ?

How are you trying to delete it when you have the issue? Are you viewing it and hit delete at the bottom of the screen or from the … menu, the select the ones you want to delete?

FYI, I’ve delete two. One by each way. The select screen, I had to press “Delete” several times, but I have to do that with the bell sometimes too.

Deleting one at a time , I click delete bottom right , Then click Delete on the pop up

Not seeing that here. I just deleted two from 1/5/19.
iOS 12.1,2, App v 2.0,21, firmware v. on WyzeCam2 (5cams).

Android, OS app v2.0.26

I have the same issue. I’m using Android as well.

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I have the same issue on iPad
Also sometimes there are duplicates of the same recordings from the main camera (first camera setup).
The app will show 2 video events from the same time stamp and same camera. But, it seems to be only on that first camera. I just go back and delete them a second time if necessary. With 2 it is always necessary to delete both at least once.




Just curious with everyone having issues deleting events. Have you tried swiping down, which triggers a refresh on the “Events” page, to see if they are really still there? After deleting an event, I have noticed it sometimes will still show up in the list until a refresh is done, or the app is closed and re-launched.

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Yes, I replayed the video to be sure it is still present.

No I haven’t refreshed The events, I will see If that makes any difference , But I did play the clips After I thought they were deleted

Yes, if they are still in the list, then the app still has a pointer to the events. After a refresh of the list, those pointers are supposed to be gone.

Never had the problem before , but , It’s not every time, I delete them the same way, sometimes They’re gone , sometimes I have to do it twice

Thanx I’ll try closing and reopening the app.
I think I did move to another screen and back and the video still appear/played.
Unless I move to a different day on the calendar and back, then they seem to disappear after deletion.
Also when this occurs sometimes the MAC address is shown for each camera rather than the name. Reboot the app, it’s corrected.

Which version of the app are you on?

It sounds like the problems in iOS V2.0.18 and resolved in release iOS V2.0.21.

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I Also noticed it was showing The MAC address

Interesting looking at the release notes on the jan 8 release for the two different OS. Completely different issues addressed.