"View playback" bug somehow relating to midnight

I’m experiencing a bug with “continuous recording” on BOTH a V1, and, a V2. You can see from the 3 pix that the app will show that there are NO recordings previous to PRECISELY midnight. If I scroll to a spot before midnight, it shows the error message “No video at the selected time” #headscratcher

Also, the “View playback” time slider should easily distinguish AM from PM. Currently, all hours are displayed as 12:00, 01:00 … 10:00, 11:00 making it difficult to distinguish AM from PM.

Android HTC M8 app version 1.3.123. firmware on the V2 is




It’s possible, this looks like card capacity is full and this is the point it is starting to overwrite when the card gets full. If that’s the case, it should move to the next day 24 hrs later…just a hunch. Just so happens they are all around midnight.

As far as the time in the scroll bar, you can always set your phone to military time!


When the card is near full, the camera deletes the entire oldest day to make room. So after a while your oldest recording will start at midnight.

Agree that it looks like you are at the oldest recording. And as Luke said, it will always be at midnight that is as far back as you get on whatever date. Just for a test, I brought one of my cameras and scrolled back to about a minute before midnight and started watching. When it got to midnight, it just kept playing with no interruption.

As for the time, I use 24 hour time in any device that will accept it. That includes this iPhone, and I can confirm that my time slider shows 24 hour time.