Playback image doesn't change

There was a protracted event I captured on my Cam Pan that I needed to hear the sound on. I was having difficulty hearing the sound(very quiet) so I was going to remove the SD card and watch it with headphones on my computer in VLC media player, but I couldn’t do it right then. So I shut off the camera until I could get to it. When I finally could about 24 hours later(now about 48 hours after the time frame I need to see and hear), I put the sd card in my computer card reader and there was several hours video in one minute increments, but the time I needed wasn’t there, though I felt it should have been. So I inserted the card back into the camera and hit playback. As I scroll through the timeline, it becomes green at the day and time that I want to see and hear, but the video and time stamp stays on right now. I’m incredibly confused. Can anyone explain what’s going on to me? I suspect I will never be able to view and hear what I need to, and that’s ok, it’s not an emergency, just trying to catch someone in a lie. But, I would like to know what went wrong, and if it’s fixable, or what I did wrong that shouldn’t do again in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I experienced something similar with playback. I’ve never been 100% sure it wasn’t me, but it feels awkward for sure. I’m eager to read what others post here.

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There is workaround to the “static playback” bug discovered by someone here.

Swipe the timeline until you get to the clip portion that you want to view. Then press the gear icon at the top. Then hit the (Android hardware) back button. I don’t know the equivalent for iPhones.

This will force the display to refresh. Then you’ll be able to watch the clip.

Wyze, fix this bug, please.

@qlang243 Wow! Thanks for the “cheat code!” I probably would never have found that!

It’s not working for me. I can get to go back to 11pm on Jan 17th, but it won’t go back any further. Timeline says there’s video at the time I need, 6:29 pm on Jan 17, but playback just won’t go beyond 11pm on the dot. 10:59 it jumps back to showing the frozen present image and time stamp. I’ve tried this trick and shutting my phone screen off and turning back on(this also forces refresh) and it just won’t go beyond 11pm Jan 17th. I’m assuming that reason right now is because the camera has now over written those hours up until 11pm on Jan 17th. Damn! Foiled again! I have to say, I’m not thrilled the sound quality on these cams. If the person isn’t standing right next to the camera, you can’t hear what they are saying, either listening live or on playback. I seem to have a lot of static type “air” sounds in all 3 of my wyze cams. I’m complaining, but then again, not complaining because of their price. But, I doubt we’ll ever learn of a true crime confession caught on wyze cam.

The app revision prior to the current one doesn’t have this bug. I have an older phone that I use for playback.

Oh I just remembered, there’s another bug when using the back and forward buttons on both sides of the timeline. They sometimes jump around. When you hit this bug, just manually slide the timeline.

I wasn’t using the arrows. I was just sliding the timeline.