Playback Videos not showing up

Following the recent update, whenever I try to watch a video from my SD card by clicking on View Playback, the timeline remains greyed and then it goes through the whole 3 step connection process again. This repeats itself until I just give up. Cloud videos work fine, but I cannot view from SD card on 2 v2 cams and 1 pan cam. Pretty frustrating. Anyone else having this issue?

My V2 cam (with SDcard, and latest firmware ( does not go through the 3-step connection process when I click on View Playback. However, the latest firmware does exhibit a new bug - the skip back (“<”) and skip forward (“>” buttons are broken. Recordings that exist on the SDcard can’t be consistently located. For example, if I tap skip back, the timeline jumps all the way back to January and displays recordings that were made then, even though there are more recent recordings (yesterday, day before, etc) on the SDcard. If I then tap skip forward, it jumps all the way forward to the current date/time and says “No more”, ignoring recordings that were made recently (such as late last night).

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Is that an iOs feature?
For example now (about 1200 20 Jul 2019 CST) I click “<” and go to 0700 20 Jul 2019 CST, click it again it jumps to 1900 Jul 19, 2019.
/edit - on Android

It think it’s a Wyze ‘feature’, but it’s occurring using their iOS app.
It’s now 1:30pm 20 Jul 2019. I click “<”, and the timeline jumps back to 08:50am 17 Jan 2019, and starts playing video that was recorded at that time. It skipped right over a recording made early this morning (02:00am 20 Jul 2019). And one made last night at 23:14pm 19 Jul 2019).

Once the timeline has moved back to January, when I tap “>”, it jumps all the way forward to current time, again missing the two recordings it made last night. And missing a lot of other SDcard recordings that it’s captured. I’m able to find the two from last night by manually scrubbing the timeline back from current time until the little green lines appear.

New finding: I just discovered that a number of recordings made this past week have vanished from the timeline. I know there are a few that were made each night – I’ve seen them when checking the Playback every morning. But they are no longer visible on the timeline, which I’ve examined closely. I suppose I’ll have to retrieve the camera from the attic (where it’s watching for critters), pull the SDcard, and see what’s on it. It’s possible that a firmware bug has erased them. But more likely that the Wyze app scan/populate the timeline code is not working correctly.

That is amazing - how much video have you recorded between January and July?

Lots. The 32GB SDcard is showing “0.60G/29.13G”, which I interpret to mean there’s 600MB free.

It’s been up in the attic for the last week watching for critters in the dark (that we’ve heard scampering around at night). No videos of 4-legged intruders so far, but there have been a handful of orbs (bugs) that are attracted to the IR captured every night. (these are all ‘event’ triggered recordings to the SDcard). And I’d guess a few dozen other various recordings captured since January. The skip-back and -forward commands don’t find any of them. A “<” jumps back to Jan. Then a “>” jumps forward to current time, reporting “No more”.

There’s definitely something broken with Playback on my V2. Yesterday I pulled the SDcard, mounted it on my Mac, and examined the contents of the /record folder. I found many hundreds of mp4 files that were captured over the last 6 months that do not appear in the timeline. There are large numbers of recordings there that I’ve never seen. Most are 1-minute long event-triggered recordings, but there a few days worth of continuous recording too. The “<” and “>” commands jump right over almost everything, back to Jan 17. Time to submit another ticket to Wyze.