Notification hours late?

Normally, when I at home, the notifications of someone at my door are immediate. However when I was away, they don’t notify me. Why is that?

For instance, I should have received a notification around 3pm. But I got it around 8pm…


Welcome to the Wyze Forums @kjbarrow,

I just have a couple questions to help understand. My first question is; Has this always happened or did did the late notifications just start ( when your away)

Another question I have is, have you set up any type of notification schedule or rule within the app to silence notifications during a set time.

Also, what type of notifications to you have set up to notify you, for example, I have my cams set up to capture all motion but only notify me when it detects a person, and when i click on the notification for the person notification, I can see the other events that were not notified to me that were considered " non person" Cat, tree, shadow car…etc

I’m only asking these questions to troubleshoot and help pin point what could be causing the late notifications

Also one other thing to note, if your internet happen to have an outage that could also cause a delay in notifications.
Again I am just thinking out loud the possibilities.


Thanks for your reply. They happened while I was away however since, I received another notification that was a couple hours late. After I sent this message and I was at home.

My notifications are set to send a notice on people or Motion all day - no restricted schedule. . I got home and realized I should have had a notice for someone who came to my home about 3 hours prior. I looked to see if something was recorded and sure enough it was. And I was on my own Internet so I know the Internet was at least working by that time. It wasn’t until a couple hours later at home that I received the notifications.

Even when you’re at home on your own wifi, the mechanism for notifications is the same. The cam sends the clip to the cloud, and the cloud sends a push notification to the app on your phone. My cousin has this issue as well, but it seems limited to one particular phone. Leads me to believe the issue has to do with the phone, or the current app compatibility somewhere.

Do you have another device you can test the theory on ? At least it would narrow things down for you.

Also, can you confirm your phone has wifi turned on when it happened at home ? Could the issue possibly have to do with the cell data reception at the time the notification should be originally sent ?

I had this problem. On some phones google has removed the option to not turn wifi off when the phone goes to sleep. My pixel 3a xl has this problem, I had to go through a process to turn off wifi doze so I would always get my notifications. This has upset me so bad that I’ll probably never buy a google phone again.

If you have android phone with this problem google " 2019 FIX Android Delayed Notifications when phone is idle (NO root needed!)" on how to fix it. Unfortunately you will have to do the fix each time the phone is rebooted,