Notification and event setup

So in the past in the app Under Notifications, I would set it to Wyze AI Events only and then under Event Recording I would set Detects Motion on and also in Smart Detections I would turn on Person Detection.

Everything works great. I got notified when the camera caught a person.

Well lately it’s been missing capturing people event and less notifications. So I went in the setting and it seem to have changed.

I’m I supposed to be choosing which events under Wyze AI Notifications and also under Event Recording?

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Not certain on which cam you are running this Beta FW. And, I do not Beta test so I can’t speak to the features it has introduced. But from the change you described from the previous FW version (only having the AI toggle in notifications), I will assume this is the new multi-AI notification toggle feature that was being introduced in the V3 Beta which was halted for critical bugs.

I have the multi-AI notification toggles on my WCPv1 which were introduced some time ago.

What I find interesting here, which may be a bug, is that you have Vehicle Detections toggled off in your Smart Detection settings, yet it allows you to toggle on the notification settings for Vehicle Events. You can’t be notified if it doesn’t detect and record the event.

My WCPv1 has been running this multi-AI notification toggle UI function for some time. When you toggle off the Smart Detection for a specific AI, the Notification toggle for that AI Event disables in the off position. The Smart Detection has to be on in order to turn the notification on. This way, you can only turn the notifications on for those AI events that are being recorded as Events.

BTW… If that is the new V3 multi-AI notification toggle UI, Thanks for the preview! We have been patiently awaiting release if that feature for a very long time!


Just went back and messed w\these in my WCPv1. It appears that someone didn’t think about this when programming the toggles. My WCPv1 does this.

When I toggle off Detects Motion it will disable the notifications toggles, but it leaves them disabled in the state they were in (some on).

However, when I disable all Smart Detection Event Recordings (Motion on), I am still able to toggle on all the notifications for those Smart AI events. Not sure how I am supposed to be getting notifications for AI Events if I am recording Motion Only and not tagging any recordings with AI.

Seems to be incomplete coding \ bug in my head. IMO the notification toggle should turn off and disable if I turn the Smart Detection off for that AI.

All my V3 cams are running FW

I’ve had problems with notifications and event playback/SD card playback on the latest app beta so I installed the most current version from iOS App Store and then saw all the changes in the camera setting.
Made me think it was the app not the camera FW.


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2163 is the V3 Beta FW that was halted because of critical bugs. The individual AI notification toggles were a V3 FW feature introduction in that beta. And, it looks like the coding on them is still incomplete. I would suggest reporting this in that thread as a bug.

Did this going back to the Non Beta Wyze App resolve your event playback issue?

I have multiple camera’s that detect motion, apparently record that motion, give me an entry in the Events Tab, and it ends up being just a still photo. I have Cam Plus on All Cameras.

This has affected Pan Cam v2s, WCO’s and V3 for me.

For example, on a Pan Cam V2 and a V3:

07:04:17 to 07:04:37: V3 mounted inside Window facing Back Yard (Hummer West Cam):
21 second entry showing motion detection and recording of a humming bird (although the V3 doesn’t appear to capture the hummingbird until already in the center of the video at the hummingbird feeder) (including this example to show a V3 on the same network was working ‘properly’)

07:05:19: V3 mounted inside Window facing Front yard/street (Front Yard Cam):
Showing a person walking by the front of the house (Left to right direction)… a still shot of that event is available in the Events Tab (notice the green box around the person), no video appears to make it to the cloud.

07:05:17 to 07:05:22: Pam Cam V2 (Garage East Pan Cam)
Records same person walking by with the stroller (the camera also starts recording LATE, as the person beams into the middle of the frame, not further up the street where it should of started recording)

07:10:46: V3 mounted inside Window facing Front yard/street (Front Yard Cam):
Another person walking right to left in front of this camera produces a still shot in the Events Tab (No video captured the cloud)

If anyone at Wyze wants Logs, let me know. (if so… logs from the App, from the Cameras, or both?)


Yes. Using the latest NON beta release has helped a lot.

I was getting those still images like you. Also my events played back very pixelated and some with green pixels across the bottom of the video.

I couldn’t save any events to my phone.

These have all seem to have been fixed or at least not in this current release anyway.

Also, now while viewing events if I press the SD card icon it actually opens up the play back on the card. Before I just got that “shared user bug”

My notifications seem to be working better. I’m only using Motion AI events “Person”. Everything else is turned off.

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