Nothing was recorded to SD card when viewing the playback?

I noticed this problem last night when DST ended. When I tried to play the recorded event, it seems that nothing was actually recorded. (Despite the fact that the green bar was indicating there were movements.) Missing recordings is not acceptable on a security camera!

Although the camera is not marketed for security by Wyze, your dropouts seem quite extreme if you were in continuous recording mode. If you were in events-only mode then it would depend on whether motion exceeded the motion threshold, which may be preset.

Im not sure what caused the missing recordings. it doesn’t seem like something DST would affect unless you have it on a schedule. what were your settings like?

and I do agree with you on this part, but sadly, that term does not apply to Wyze cameras. a search of the top right will unleash a waterfall of discussions on this topic concerning use vs. definition.

for instance use vs company intent


Is the other language characters something you have set? Or is that a product of an error? It’s not English in several places. I know that has been an issue in the past where Chinese letters (or something similar) had show up.

Which brings up is this a camera purchased from Wyze or third party?