DST transition to Standard Time, does not record to SD card

Trying to review video for something that occurred at 01:40 standard time but there was no recording on the SD card. Seems the camera couldn’t figure out how to write to the card for 01:00-02:00 after rolling back the clock 1-hour during the Daylight time to Standard time transition.

Cloud recordings will continue to upload, but the “AI” didn’t detect anything I was looking for. Now I have no video for an incident I need to report.

Are you doing event recording only? This V3 had no issues, time is correct on continuous recording. All my other cams also recorded cloud events between 00:01 AM and 06;00 AM and the time is correct on all the cams and videos. Three V3 and 4 WCO.

I record continuously. App playback will not show a gap in the video. You’re going to have to look for a change in the image immediately after 01:59:59.

In my case, a door was left open at around 01:40, and trying to review video for that hour was playing the previous hour when it was still Daylight Time. As soon as it’s 02:00:00, it will look like a glitch where suddenly you’ll find the door open or the whatever else in the image that wasn’t there prior.

Sorry I don’t see it. You said you were trying to view an event that happened at 01:40. I had an event at 01:39:28 so I played just now, then hit the playback icon on the app and it went right to 01:39:28 on the SD with nothing changed? Since the cams record in one minute segments maybe that was the glitch when it changed segments. Seriously I have no idea, just not seeing what your are. Good luck.

@hsu780 This is one of my V3 cams changing time, see the time bottom right at 01:00:01

So thankfully my cams were all tediously boring between midnight and 3am this morning, but this discussion between you and @hsu780 is rather interesting.

If I understand correctly, if you were to pull the microSD card from a Wyzecam and check it in a PC, there should be two sets of files for the time period between 1am and 2am today?

One set for the first time through as daylight savings time, and then a second set of files for the next time through as standard time?

:rofl: :rofl: I have no idea and since I really dislike ladders I won’t be taking the SD from above cam out any time soon. Maybe I’ll check my Critter V3 SD card later, that cam is on the ground watching :raccoon: :raccoon:

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Take a look at the shadow from the tree on your driveway. Do you notice how all of a sudden it jumps onto the side of your truck as soon as it starts to play 02:00:00?

Also notice how the sky just suddenly changes in the background.

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The cameras I need video from are mounted outside of a 2nd story window that is not easy to access, but I did pull the card out of another camera and I was able to see how Wyze handles the clock adjustment. Looks like it will write to the card and use a modified filename, but it won’t play on the app.

Another reason I want to advocate file level access with these cameras and yet Wyze is no response.
Screenshot 2022-11-06 182739

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That’s good to know! I knew that the app did not really understand that 0100 - 0200 happened twice, but at least the recordings are really there on the uSD card.
And I fully agree that it would be nice to be able to access the file system for recordings remotely.

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Very interesting.

Turns out that with that almost full moon last night, I could see some weirdness on one V3 after all. A definite abrupt shadow jump at 2:00am, but on android devices only.

Could not reproduce the shadow jump on iOS, but did notice the timeline looping back to 1:00am while the timestamp on the video was doing its own thing.

Pulled the card and confirmed the filenames you show, plus apparently GMT time stamps

100% agreement on remote FTP access to the micro-SD cards! :+1: :+1:

Yea, the timeline just has 1am twice, which is probably the best way to do it.

However, the timestamp on the actual camera playback video seems to do its own thing, and I can’t really understand it.

The fact that there’s a shadow jump means somethings not working as intended. Glad the videos are there on the SD card at least.