Daylight saving time no video found

I have over 20 cameras split between to states. Last night between 1am and 3am no video found on any of them. I attribute it to springing forward may be an issue, please advise, that is a good chunk of time on many cameras not to have access. 3 different types of cameras, 2 different versions, 2 seperate locstions, diffetent states, and no changes. Also there are at least 3 groups, no global changes are ble to be made for all cameras at same time.


This issue comes up every spring and fall. I don’t think anything is actually missing. It’s an app display bug. Bear with me… this is confusing:

Cloud events:
I have no cloud events from 2AM - 2:59AM, which is normal due to “spring forward”. The cloud events are historically-tagged “as was”, meaning the datetime was recorded on the event per server time of event. The datetime stamps in the app’s Events tab list match the datetime recorded on the actual cloud event footage. One hour is missing due to “spring forward”:

microSD footage:
I have no microSD footage from 1AM - 2:59AM, which is not really normal and due to a “spring forward” app display bug. The footage was however recorded, continuous and contiguous. The microSD footage is historically-tagged “as was”, meaning the datetime was correctly recorded on the microSD footage. One hour (2AM-2:59AM) is missing due to “spring forward”: What is confusing is that due to a bug, when viewing the timeline, the timeline is hosed as the entire timeline denotes “as is”. Meaning all footage before 2AM is erroneously labeled back one hour on the timeline. For example, one would think that because the timeline shows no recording from 1AM-1:59AM, no footage was recorded. That “missing” footage is actually denoted in the timeline back one hour as 12AM-12:59AM. In this example, you can see the missing footage… timeline shows 12:30AM, footage shows 1:30AM. The datetime stamps on the timeline do not match the datetime recorded on the actual footage, but the footage does exist. The issue is that the timeline prior to the DST change, does not take DST into account:


Same here in upstate NY

On a related note, the OG cam GUI display is off by an hour. Notice the time in the white bar is 12:14pm, whereas the time in the time slider is approx 1:14pm. The time displayed in the lower right hand corner of the saved video is 12:14pm. Of course, all this is after the time change.

The time the pic was taken was 12:16pm (the screengrab didn’t grab the notification bar (which displays the current time)).

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The twice a year WYZE Cam time circus. :circus_tent: :grin:


I have an hour of no video as well.

I am not missing the videos via continuous recording, the time just goes from 01:59:59 to 03:00:00 instead of 02:00:00. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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I’m not missing video either. The timeline is just appears wonky giving the impression that video is missing.

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thank you, after revisiting it, I do see it, unfortnately I may have caught if my auto aligned clock (calibrated with the national time clock) was illluminated. One of the cameras is aimed in that direction but can not see the time on the clock. May do that in the fall. :slightly_smiling_face:



None of my cameras stored events today when viewed as ‘all’

Yet when I select one camera, there are events stored.

Hopefully this will be corrected.